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Want to buy products at a special club price - 20% cheaper than usual? Get a free discount club number.

Fill out the discount application form and check the email. In  5-15 minutes you will receive a letter with all the information:

  • Link to the page with the club questionnaire;
  • Contacts of branded stores where you can use your  discount;
  • Instructions for using a discount when ordering.

Fill in the form to get the discount

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data. It will be used only for communication with the consultant.

If you completed the application form after 23:00 (Moscow time), the letter will come after 9 or 10 am the next day.

We are official representatives of the Coral Club, and here you can send an application and get a club number, regardless of your country of residence. The company delivers the products in 198 different countries. We have sales offices of Coral Club (350 representative offices) in 40 different countries so far. Mail us and we will help you quickly get your club number.

7 advantages of a discount number:

  1. Discounts for all products 20% and participation in promotions;
  2. Purchases in official eco-markets;
  3. Obtaining the product from the manufacturer;
  4. Registration is completely free, fast, without mandatory purchase;
  5. Additional cumulative 10% diiscount. Purchase and accumulate points.
  6. Personal consultant from the distributor of the Coral Club: helps with, answers to questions;
  7. Useful mailing with advice on proper nutrition and lifestyle, notice of promotions and new products. We do not deal with spamming - only useful letters from the club.

Just fill out the application and get a FREE number + detailed product advice.
After 15-30 minutes, a letter will appear in your box with a link to your free discount number, contacts of shops closest to you, as well as advice on proper nutrition for getting  the maximum result from the product.

We guarantee the complete confidentiality of your data. They will be used only for communication with the consultant.

Important information! Be sure to read before you receive the discount:

  • In order to confirm the discount, it is MANDATORY to buy a product worth $ 15-17 (1000 rubles, 400 UAH) within 90 days after registration. This requirement is one-time. Then you can use the discount at your discretion and make purchases at any time and any amount.
  • Did you learn about the Club from friends or family? Do not sign up for someone else's link to the form! This is not ethical and reduces the quality of customer service.
  • Be sure to check before registering that the consultant will be able to answer your questions.

Join the Coral Club and more than 1 million people who value their health and remember about competent prevention!