Coral Club: maximum health and -20% off!

Every person enjoys  feeling  healthy and energetic, easily getting  up  their floor without an elevator and seeing  a healthy glow in the mirror. Happiness begins with health and strength for impressions and life itself. This requires decent self care.

Coral Club is created for those who appreciate and protect their health. The assortment of the club is not just beautiful labels on flacons. With the help of Coral Club products you are capable of  solving more than a hundred problems: from low immunity to excess weight.

Some numbers

Coral Club work dates back in 1998. Since the  year after  the club has managed to get the right to promote the goods of American firm Royal Body Care. The following years the company began to represent the Swedish firm ERICSSON'S PREVENTIVE MEDICAL GROUP on the whole Eurasian continent. The Swedish company, in turn, is the manufacturer of the Japanese product CORAL MINE, based on alkaline minerals.
7 countries where the product is produced: The USA, Canada,France,Russia, South Korea, Germany, Japan.

The most beneficial purchases  only in the Coral Club

Each person eagerly unpacks the long-awaited purchase, gladly shares with friends his joy from the new purchase. Buying goods  in the Coral Club is even more pleasant:

  • The undeniable benefit of the purchased product;
  • 20% discount - a special offer for all those who make a purchase through our website.

Have you already checked  the Coral Club? If you personally have not tried its  advantages, then certainly your friends or acquaintances told about it.

Access to the Coral Club is available to everybody.

The representative offices of the club are:
there are 400 offices in 38 countries;
 50 large and small cities of Ukraine have Coral Club representation

You are on the official distributor site of Coral Club. With us, you can buy original club supplements and get them directly from the manufacturer (which is a guarantee of quality). Contacting a distributor who is always ready to help will help make the right choice. And do not forget about the club discount for any product!

3 reasons to choose Coral Club

Modern technologies dictate the conditions of life and business. That's why you can make purchases in the Coral Club at any time on our website with a convenient "virtual" store.

  1. We do not have additional margins in contrast to many stores;
  2. We are always ready to help you choose the best solutions and tools for getting rid of health problems;
  3. Tell you the addresses of the closest club stores.

What you need to know before purchasing the products of the club

All products of the Coral Club are licensed, the most advanced technologies, environmentally friendly raw materials and a high level of quality control are used in production. Before the start of sales, all products are certified. The consumer receives only:

  • natural;
  • proven;
  • quality products.

Have you already made your choice? You will receive an official club discount of 20%! Do you doubt what will suit you? Contact us - we will consult on any issue. Just call or email us.

Health and energy are waiting for you today!

Offices of the Coral Club are located practically in all big cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Kharkov, Odessa, etc. More detailed contacts can be found on our website.

The pricing policy of the Coral Club is the same throughout Ukraine, so you can see the current price in any city of the country.