Coral Club Products: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it possible to stabilize your own weight with the help of products from Coral Club?
Answer: Yes, of course. After all, the causes of excess weight can be completely different (failure in the hormonal sphere, nervous stress, improper or excessive nutrition, etc.). In order  to get the best effect one  is recommended to consult with a specialist of the Coral Club. As a result, the person will get the most suitable product for that

Question: What Coral Club supplements can be useful for athletes?
Answer: In this case, the best choice will be microhydrin. This product has been authorized for use by health authorities of different countries, as well as from sport anti-doping organizations. Also one might consider   alfalfa, protiviti, spirulina, angry gold, Q-10, superfoods and cocktails from these herbs.

Question: Can small children use the Coral Club products?
Answer: Our products lack absolute contraindications. However, if for some reason the supplements are prescribed only for adults, we recommend that you consult with your doctor and clarify  the dosage.

Question: How to get rid of impotence?
Answer:  From a medical point of view, classical  impotence is treated for a long time. And not always treatment leads to the desired result. Therefore, it is better to prevent this problem with the help of physical activity, compensation for "sedentary" work, nervous stress, lowering of alcohol consumption. Also, preventive measures against  inflammation in the genito-urinary system are necessary, therefore  the use of the following products is recommended: ginkgo biloba with nanoclusters, program 1 for men, herbal collection No. 11, echinacea and silver-max.

Question: How to improve the skin condition?
Answer: It is necessary to say right away that a bad condition of the skin is caused by a number of reasons having a direct connection to  the hormonal system, the gastrointestinal tract, and the nervous system. Among the products of the Coral Club, suitable for the improvement of your  skin, it is worth highlighting MMC (bioactive sulfur) with the addition of microhydrin, ecstasy and vitamin E with the inclusion of nanoclusters, lecithin, selenium, shark fat, artichoke and a number of other effective products.

Question: What will help prevent colds and flu?
Answer: Prevention is known as a whole complex of measures undertaken in advance, at least several weeks before the sharp increase of colds. The most effective for strengthening the resistance to colds and flu are the bark of ant tree, black walnut leaves, silver-max, ferstfood with inclusion of nanoclusters, ecstasy with inclusion of nanoclusters, as well as echinacea.

Question: Is it possible to take Coral Club products without consulting a doctor?
Answer: If it is a question of fortifying supplements that are recommended for prevention, then they can be used without consulting the doctor. If the  the purpose of the complex is to treat a number of somatic diseases, one can not do without consulting a specialist.

Question: Aren’t the Coral Club products addictive? Is there going to appear an addiction from using them constantly?
Answer: There are no strong or narcotic substances in the supplements, consequently, addiction is completely excluded.

Question: Can I completely abandon medicine when using Coral Club products?
Answer: Without consulting a doctor, it is prohibited to stop taking medication and completely replace them with supplements. However, with the correct combination of traditional treatment and the use of dietary supplements it is possible to  reduce the dosage of medications. In this case, consultation and supervision of a specialist are mandatory.

Question: Are there any contraindications?
Answer: All products are allowed for independent use as bioactive supplement  to food. However, if you have chronic illnesses, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor before use.

Question: Does your product have the necessary certificates?
Answer: The company's products have received quality certificates in the European Union, CIS countries, including Russia and Ukraine. This way  we can guarantee quality and safety.

Question: In which countries are your products manufactured?
Answer: The Coral Club products  are  produced in  Japan, the USA and Canada.