Health Concept from Coral Club

Health - is not only when nothing hurts and the paper from the doctor is free from any diagnosis, but it is a complex of pleasant mood, peace of mind, beautiful appearance, and, of course, an incredible surge of energy.
Health - is the main resource for living a happy and rich life.
Health - is when you live every day, feeling with every cell all the joy of this wonderful moment.

Therefore in order to have every cell - the basis of our body - leading its healthy life it is not enough to go to the pharmacy, swallow a pill and be sure that everything in your body is under control. In no way do we reject the value of traditional medicine and its healing powers. We just suggest not to bring your body to the point where going to the doctor is already inevitable.

Prevention and daily respect for your body as a whole and for each of its parts individually will serve as a good guarantee on the way to the long-term preservation of health, youth, and beauty.

4 Steps from Coral Club offer a practical algorithm for keeping the body healthy and beautiful every day. This does not mean at all that the only thing that you will be doing is just watching all 12 systems of your body. The concept of health is included in your daily rituals without messing with your plans. Though, of course, it will affect your diet, for the benefit of your well-being and appearance. A healthy person is a successful person.

The functional algorithm from Coral Club consists of four simple points of gaining and restoring health:

#1 Hydration

Everyone has heard about the need to drink water in sufficient quantities. It is also known to many that tea, lemonade, Pepsi, and fresh juice cannot be an alternative to water. Of course, you can drink that while minding the consumption of daily water intake. In this step, I would like to pay more attention to the quality of the H2O.

What is the right water?

To be classified as high-quality water it must be:

  • slightly alkaline
  • biologically pure
  • mineralized (organic minerals)
  • with a low oxidation potential
  • structured

Coral Club takes care of the quality of your water and your proper hydration with the following products:

#2 Detox

With this item, everything is in order in terms of understanding its functional focus. From the school curriculum, we know that specially designated organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs, skin) are responsible for cleansing the body. But, unfortunately, with our rhythm of life, the quality of food, and the state of the environment, we are simply obliged to support the work of the above-mentioned organs, since it is very difficult for them to carry the burden of cleansing on their own.

Coral Club products with detox properties will come in handy in the fight against toxins and parasites.

The most famous cleaning programs:

Individual products:

#3 Cell nutrition

Our cells need the following nutrients for proper functioning, regeneration, and healthy division:

Proper vitamin assimilation and protection from blood sugar spikes
Building material and the insurance for the cell's proper functioning
Crucial nutrients for the body to thrive
Energy, joy and much-appreciated fiber
Nutrients for sustainable body work
Primary drink for greater health
Protein type for proper digestion and detox functions

It would seem that everything is simple - eat it yourself and share the usefulness with the cells. But everything is not so simple, since the pharmacy counters are bursting with an incredible amount of all kinds of drugs, and oncological centers carry patients to operations as if on a conveyor belt.

The fact is that in order to feed the cell with the necessary ratios of nutrients, we need to eat 50 kg of food per day... 50 !!!, and not just food, but high-quality, organic, whole. A bit unreal.

It is also important to understand that the assimilation of vitamins, minerals, and elements is rarely achieved with 100% fulfillment due to the incorrect functioning of the organs, or their weakening due to some chronic diseases. The correct combinations of supplements and the correct daily intake help to correct the lack of beneficial nutrients, optimize the digestive tract, and compensate for inaccuracies in nutrition.

For example, protein - a building material for the whole body - may not be absorbed because there is too much mucus, plaque, feces on the villi of the intestinal mucosa, or they are damaged due to an overly sugary life. It proceeds from this that it is necessary to deal with the microflora, otherwise the building material simply will not perform its function.

Protein shakes, vitamin and mineral complexes, liposomal vitamins (more bioavailable), fiber, amino acids, and many other products on the Coral Club product list. Choose those that are prioritized in your particular case. Our consultants will be happy to advise you in terms of choice.

#4 Protection

Our body requires protection from both external villains (radiation, drugs, exhaust, environmental pollution, chemicals) and from... ourselves (stress, busy schedule, inadequate sleep, poor nutrition). Coral Club products help to protect our body on a daily basis, take care of our defenses, multiplying their potential with products such as Omega 3/60, SuperFlora, Zaferan, Coral Magnesium, Immunity Pack, Pau D’Arco with selenium, Chlorella, Silver Max, etc.

All 4 steps should be implemented in your life daily and in a complex: drink, nourish, cleanse, and protect. Do not take this as a call to buy up all the products and accept them randomly. It is advisable to understand the current state of the body, understand what chronic problems are present, and then, starting from the knowledge gained, draw up a program of products on which you will implement the functional concept created by the Coral Club company.

Our consultants will be happy to support and accompany you to make the right decisions.

Be healthy!