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Manufacturer: USA, Japan

It is not news at all that our beautiful and such multifaceted organism is the habitat of other living organisms. Perhaps not as sophisticated, but no less influential. The quality of our health directly depends on what inhabits it. Therefore, be very vigilant and keep an eye on which organisms are “renting the living space”.

Parasitic invasion - where?

How to control such a subtle nuance regarding unwanted guests-tenants? As usual, I would like to start right away with the favorite “reconsider your eating habits, sleep more, more fresh air, etc.” And this is always the right approach to many ailments. But the fact is that even with more or less close to the ideal lifestyle and ideal hygiene, helminths are very cunning, and can enter our body in the most sophisticated ways.

We do not always know that we are already sharing our body with parasites that eat with us, taking away our nutrients, as a result of which we get deficiencies and a weakened body. Moreover, their waste products intoxicate our organism and clog it with various toxins. The trouble is that it is almost impossible to determine on your own that you have helminthiasis. Concomitant symptoms are associated with different body systems (after all, worms are common not only in the intestines but can also inhabit muscle tissue, blood, heart and even the brain) and naturally we begin to heal an undiagnosed ailment without finding the root of the problems. Even depression can be caused by the presence of parasites in the body.

Hardly recognizable threat

Over the long years of their existence on the planet, they have learned to adapt to everything and parasitize in humans, causing irreparable harm. This harm does not manifest itself immediately, because parasites eat away at us slowly, suppressing our immunity. We need to try and identify them, deal with them and prevent their reappearance. It is highly recommended to determine the presence and types prevailing in the body lab-wise. This will be crucial to know which algorithm to choose to deal with them.

Natural shield

In the process of this choice, you can already pay attention to the Parashield program from Coral Club. The title already contains an explanation of the main functions - protection (shield) from parasites (para). We will not criticize pharmaceutical chemicals, but I will only say that helminths are the same living organisms as we are, and trying to poison them, we also poison ourselves. So you decide on what to lean towards - natural remedies, or pharmacy, synthetic...

The Parashield complex consists of only natural ingredients: probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. It helps the intestines to get rid of parasites, also their eggs and larvae, remove their waste products, increase the growth of beneficial bacteria, and, undeniably, thereby strengthen the immune system.

The composition of the product

The complex includes the following products, the composition of which serves to achieve the desired result:

  • Parafight (extracts of black walnut leaves, gentian root, pepper, thyme, garlic, chamomile flowers) - the action of the product is aimed at neutralizing and removing parasites
  • Coral Burdock Root - is responsible for the elimination of waste products of parasites, eliminates inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract, helps to improve the functioning of the liver and gallbladder.
  • MSM (organic sulfur, biotin, vitamin C) - prevents the occurrence of autoimmune reactions, helps to reduce oxidative stress, and improves the condition of hair, skin, nails.
  • Coral-Mine - adding it to water, you help toxins leave the body faster and saturate the body with useful minerals.
  • Super-Flora (probiotic complex with prebiotic inulin) - helps to restore and maintain microflora, helps to more efficiently assimilate nutrients.

Of course, it would be pointless to argue that only one product can save you from unnecessary harmful microorganisms, since every problem requires an integrated and systematic approach. Anyway, the Parashield complex is a good start in the fight (as well as in general, just for prevention) with the uninvited invaders of our body.

Be aware about

It is important to know that the product is not a medicine. Before you decide to start taking this complex, it is highly recommended that you contact your doctor in order to know about the contraindications to specific components.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product Parashield

Where can I get Parashield from?

You can buy this product from the authorised Coral Club shops, or order it from the official distributors and get the 20% discount.

What is MSM in Parashield’s composition?

MSM is known as methylsulfonylmethane, or in a simpler way, bioavailable form of sulphur. It also consists of biotin and vitamin C. This supplement is a big help for the organism to get rid of the toxins, it eases allergic reactions and improves the quality of hair, skin, nails.

Is this product suitable for vegans?

Parashield is fully suitable for vegans, since its main composition is plant-based. It does not have any ingredients derived from animals. The whole product is fully natural and clean.