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Manufacturer: USA

Enzymes are protein molecules that increase the rate of chemical reactions in the body ... and somehow help our digestion there. That was the gist for the majority of us taken from the biology classes. Although a long evening walk, especially after a hearty dinner, is also useful for the well-coordinated processes of digestion and assimilation of food.

I would like to recall one more definition:

Enzymes are protein structures that consist of chains of amino acids and take part in the breakdown of the necessary and in the destruction of the unnecessary. It is on the latter that I would like to focus your attention.

Enzyme deficiency

What happens if the “unnecessary” is not destroyed? There is an attack on the health and integrity of our body. In the case of a deficiency of enzymes in the intestine, bacteria and fungi begin to actively colonize undigested food remains - a person experiences constipation, bloating, intense gas formation, metabolism is disturbed, uric acid crystals appear, followed by their accumulation in the joints.

The human body is able to produce enzymes and store them. Due to the internal and external circumstances, they are destroyed and they need to be replenished. We are well aware of the consequences of this - unsplit residues will begin to rot (not to mention more serious harm to health and well-being).


According to rough estimates, more than five hundred representatives of microflora live in the human intestine. Some of them are of practical benefit to the body, while the rest are in the group of neutral ... BUT ... until they get "favorable food". Especially such bacteria like to feed on undigested proteins. “Having eaten enough”, the neutral flora begins to purposefully multiply and is already classified as pathogenic (read - dangerous), and there on the horizon there is already dysbacteriosis and depressed state of health along with a deterioration in appearance.

Domino effect

If, for one reason or another (and it is highly desirable that this be tested in a laboratory), a person has an enzyme deficiency, it urgently needs to be replenished. Any violation of the digestive process creates a domino effect - along the chain, there is a deterioration in the work of human systems and organs (respiratory system, cardiovascular, circulatory, nervous, brain activity, skin and hair, etc.). Solution from Coral Club - Assimilator

Coral Club provides assistance in replenishing enzyme deficiencies with a natural plant-based product - Assimilator. Plant enzymes in a natural way help the full functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, contribute to the high-quality assimilation of nutrients, thin the blood, and strengthen the body's defenses. Also Assimilator from Coral Club is a participant in stone thawing programs.

How is the Assimilator useful?

The natural and certified composition (all Coral Club products are certified and recognized on the international market) of the Assimilator gives us the opportunity to highlight the following qualities:

  • Improvement of the digestive tract;
  • Prevention of dysbacteriosis;
  • Improving cellular nutrition (nutrients go where they are physiologically intended by nature);
  • Elimination of cholesterol plaques;
  • Relief of the anemia conditions;
  • Prevention of the formation of stones in urine and bile;
  • Strengthening the body's defenses (healthy intestines - healthy immunity).

Actions of the components of the composition

Protein breakdown

Protease - the breakdown of proteins into simple amino acids; prevents them from settling on the intestinal walls.

Papain and Bromelain - function in an alkaline and acidic environment; break down proteins to a state of their easy digestibility.

Fats breakdown

Lipase - helps to break down animal fats and assists in the absorption of vitamins A and D.

Breakdown of carbohydrates

Amylase - enzymes of the salivary glands responsible for converting starch molecules into soluble sugars.

Cellulose (not synthesized by humans) - digests plant fibers (cellulose), increasing its nutritional value.

Lactase - breaks down milk sugar (lactose). Improves the absorption of dairy products.

Also, the Assimilator contains vitamins A and D, which are necessary for antioxidant and protective function (vitamin A), regulation of phosphorus-calcium metabolism and improving the absorption of nutrients, due to improved permeability of the intestinal walls (vitamin D).

The Assimilator from Coral Club is an indispensable assistant in your intentions to feel great and look awesome.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product Assimilator

Where can I get an Assimilator from?

You can buy this product from the authorised Coral Club shops, or order it from the official distributors and get the 20% discount.

Is it safe for everybody?

All the Coral Club products are famous for being produced from high-quality, natural and certified ingredients. Having doubts about taking the supplement, please, consult your health care practitioner, so that you know whether your body will benefit from taking it.

What enzymes is it aimed at replenishing?

Assimilator is aimed at the replenishing enzymes that break down carbs (Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase), proteins (Protease, Papain, Bromelain), fats (Lipase). Also the composition includes vitamin A and Vitamin D for better absorption and antioxidant effect.