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If before you have known Lecithin as an indispensable assistant in cooking, then you are definitely meant to be here.

In fact, Lecithin is greatly underestimated for its healing powers for the body. Some experts in their field argue that taking it as a beneficial supplement to your diet is generally a waste of money. And soy lecithin is, in fact, harmful, especially for women's health due to the genetically modified soy.

The matter with the latter can be solved if the manufacturing company takes care of the materials for its products. This means that all ingredients must be certified GMO-free.

These are not only big letters on the packaging, but also research evidence of this. When choosing a supplement, pay attention to the delivered profs and choose exclusively natural products. It is also important to understand that the lecithin extracted from soy is no longer soy.

Let’s have a closer look at the importance of lecithin for our body.

For starters, lecithin is a building and repair material for damaged and weakened cells, the basis of cell membranes.

Coral Lecithin is a natural product that has a beneficial effect on the body as follows:

  • The Central nervous system (one of the active components - CHOLIN helps to improve memory, better concentration, prevents dementia; and the second component - INOSITOL has a sedative effect, reducing irritability and improving the mood).
  • The Cardiovascular system (reduces vascular tone and thereby normalizes blood pressure, normalizes lipid metabolism and prevents fats from settling on the walls of blood vessels, reduces harmful cholesterol).
  • The Immune system (a powerful antioxidant; helps restore the functions of lymphocytes and macrophages, improves the body's resistance to disease by producing antibodies and stimulating the growth of phagocytes).
  • Liver health (responsible for the restoration of liver cells; due to the activation of lipid metabolism, does not allow fats to settle on the liver, but sends them to the fat depot and the organs that require it).
  • Women's health (booster of reproductive function, guarantee of preservation and development of the fetus, normalization of the cycle, relief of menopause symptoms).
  • Body nutrition (improves the quality of transportation of nutrients and vitamins for their intended purpose).
  • Gastrointestinal tract (normalization of the balance of fats and minerals, which helps to prevent excess weight; prevention of gallstone disease by preventing salt deposition; improves the quality of mucus, thereby protecting the mucous membranes from damage).

Coral Lecithin, due to its workmanship (certified recognized trait of all Coral Club products) and positive effects on the body, deserves to be introduced into the daily diet of a person. The person who protects his health and beauty.

N.B! Before using the product, it is very important to consult with your doctor for the presence of conditions incompatible with taking Coral Lecithin.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product Lecithin

Is it safe for everybody?

Coral Lecithin is a completely natural product, GMP certified. Therefore, it can be trusted in terms of consuming. However, one still has to consult his/her healthcare practitioner in order to know about all the conditions in the organism that might prevent one from incorporating it into daily diet.

What is this Lecithin extracted from?

Coral Lecithin is extracted from soybeans. When it is already extracted and properly cleaned it is no longer soy. Also it is proven to be better than the one taken from sunflowers.

Who should be taking Coral Lecithin?

Coral Lecithin is essential for those who experience some poor liver conditions. Also it will serve well if there are some skin troubles, since Lecithin is a complex of essential phospholipids and they are proven to regenerate damaged cells. People who suffer from anxiety, fatigue, memory and concentration impairment. Certain cardiovascular conditions might be easened by the means of Coral Lecithin.