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Healthy Start Pack

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Manufacturer: USA

Being healthy is a work. Work, that is quite painstaking, requiring discipline and dedication. All efforts made for it are worthy of every second spent on it. After all, how wonderful it is to reap the fruits of this activity: peace, strength, energy, beauty, inspiration, the joy of life ... You can go on and on. People, gaining all this, try to keep it at the proper level as long as possible (read “for life”).

Everything by all means should be in a complex for whatever you get yourself done to. Teamwork is important both in a multi-billion dollar company and in the approach to caring for our body. Now the term “holistic health” is gaining momentum. Its essence is interpreted in the fact that a person is a single whole and it is impossible to treat one disease separately, it is necessary to heal the whole organism. The holistic approach is the teaching of alternative medicine, but it sounds very convincing. After all, if you think about it - our whole body is an amazing system of interconnected mechanisms and if one of them fails, we inflict damage or an excessive load on everything else.

When we get excited about getting our healthiest self, we ourselves, without noticing it, are guided by a holistic approach. Like it or not, but we have a desire to help our body not on one level, but to cover as much as possible in order to see noticeable improvements in our health.

The coral club is always ready to support such beautiful of its customers. The Healthy Start Pack is a program that offers a unique opportunity to help the body improve its condition multifaceted. Compound programs help maintain the digestive, cardiovascular and nervous systems at the proper level. The product also promotes detoxification, reduces stress and improves metabolism. A dream in one box.

So what is in the box?

Coral Mine is the product responsible for improving drinking water. The product “revives” it, saturates it with minerals and restores its liquid crystal structure. We already know for sure about the positive effect of water on the body. Coral water at times improves this positive effect.

Papaya - lysozyme, papain, lipase ... enzymes necessary for the favorable absorption of proteins and fats and normalization of the digestive organs. Papaya is a natural source of the above enzymes.

Coral Lecithin is able to take care of your heart, liver and maintain the brain work at a decent level.

Super Flora balancedly combines probiotics and prebiotics for the health of the microflora of our intestines, improving the functioning of the digestive tract in general and regulating metabolism. Inulin, lactobacilli and bifidobacteria make up the composition of this product.

Griffonia is a safe natural sedative responsible for the production of serotonin, the “hormone of happiness”.


Before deciding to use this product, consult your healthcare provider or family doctor.

Be healthy and take care of yourself!

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Frequent questions about the product Healthy Start Pack

What should one expect from taking this program?

Healthy Start Pack promises overall improvement health conditions. Among those we might distinguish the following: better metabolism, more quality night-sleep, easen chronic states of your body, strengthens immune system, endurance, improves the quality of your complexion, hair, skin, lowers stress levels and helps you see the real beauty of your life.

Who should consider taking this program?

People who want to improve quality of their life health-wise, but not sure where to start; young parents whose intention is to grow healthy children; students for better concentration and memory. Everyone who is interested in feeling great and looking great might definitely consider trying this product. However, make sure to consult your healthcare practitioner whether all the components are equally safe and of great use.

What does the pack consist of?

Healthy start pack consists of five big-time popular products Coral Mine (water enricher), Coral Lecithin (support of heart, brain and liver health; protection of cell membranes), Griffonia (natural antidepressant), Super Flora (natural synbiotic - inulin + bifido and lacto bacteria for the health of your intestines), Papaya (useful enzymes for better proteins ingestion).