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Manufacturer: South Korea

Intake of  FanDetox (application): mix the contents with warm water (100-150 ml). Drink the mixture  after eating.

The composition includes natural substances:

  • Goji berries (extract);
  • Extract of ripe persimmon fruit;
  • Mandarin peel;
  • Buckwheat sowing (extract);
  • Extract from green soybean sprouts.

And also dextarin, taurine and vitamin C.

FanDetox: instruction

It is recommended to take a long course - about 2-4 months. Within a month of using the minimum amount of the supplement  (1 package in the morning), the state of health improves considerably, energy appears and  the skin becomes clean and fresh.


  • Heartburn, bitterness in the mouth, the appearance of a yellowish tinge on the tongue;
  • Use of synthetic drugs and antibiotics (body protection);
  • Obesity of organs (helps improve lipid metabolism);
  • Problems with the gallbladder and bile ducts (ancillary additive);
  • Increased cholesterol;
  • Problems with the liver (cleans, restores at the cellular level);
  • Problem or withering skin (refreshes, rejuvenates, relieves pigment spots);
  • The need for blood purification and general sanitation.

In the human body, the liver acts as the main filter, which relieves internal organs of toxins and controls their health.

A weakened liver will not be able to perform its functions fully, and then toxins and harmful microorganisms will go unhindered into the blood and spread to all the cells of the body. This all results into  numerous and very different diseases.

The amount of toxins that must filter out the liver of a modern man is ten times higher than that of our ancestors.

Unfavorable ecology, malnutrition and unhealthy lifestyles are visibly reflected in the ever-growing statistics of diseases and mortality rates. Our body can not cope on its own with the detoxing of all systems.

It is important to know! The liver can not hurt, because there are no nerve endings in it. If this organ is weakened or even begins to decay, you will not feel it. That is why prevention is extremely important for liver function.

FanDetox is a real help to the liver and the ability to withstand the toxic effects of modern low-quality food, alcohol, synthetic drugs, etc.
The product is the development of Song Hye Bok, a famous Korean scientist who is an Adviser to the President of South Korea.

FanDetox is very simple composition, based on  natural plant extracts. But as practice has shown, this particular set of components is most effective for supporting the liver.

Extracts of mandarin peel, goji berries, soybean and buckwheat dips in combination with dextrin help improve fat metabolism, help to remove unnecessary "bad" cholesterol from the body. And vitamin C additionally enhances antioxidant properties, as a result, a mixture of useful components effectively protects cells from toxic substances. Numerous tests of FanDetoks, reviews of patients and people who use it as a preventive measure , confirm the effectiveness of this composition.

Before the beginning of the course of FanDetox it is recommended to clean the intestines with the help of a special program of Kolo-Wada, after all, water is absorbed into the bloodstream and the useful components dissolved in it. If you approach the issue of improving the body systematically, the effectiveness of taking

FanDedox will increase at times.

When purifying the body with Kolo-Wada, you can use the FanDetox sachets to enhance the effect. Use FanDetox 2 times a day and the process of elimination of toxic substances will greatly increase.

After completing body detox, continue the course of FanDetox. Drink this tasty drink in the morning and very soon you will feel and even see  the effect of this remedy.

Advice from a consultant

For the recovery of the body it is very important to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean, high-quality living water every day.

You’d better exclude “ heavy ” for your digestion stuffv: meats, fatty foods, fast food, sodas, coffee, alcohol, etc. Also it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt used.

If you pollute your body, the effect of FanDetox will be zero.

The product is also effective in the case of fatty hepatosis. The problem of accumulation of visceral fat today is extremely acute, and FanDetox helps to get rid of these deposits.

Application for skin cleansing

FanDetox helps to effectively clean the skin from various pigment spots (especially important for women), papillomas, various types of warts and other skin problems.

The remedy is used for 1-2 months every day. It is necessary to maintain the correct drinking regime. Gradually the skin becomes cleaner, the pigmentation disappears, the rejuvenating effect is manifested (the skin becomes fresh and smooth).

FanDetoks for neutralizing the consequences of alcohol use

If you are not fully switched to a healthy lifestyle and are going to take part in the event accompanied by alcohol, protect your body in advance with 1 sachet FanDetoks before the meal. In the morning drink an additional 1 or 2 bags FanDetoks and coral water in large quantities therefore  forget about dehydration and completely neutralize the effects of a feast.

FanDetox will also help with food poisoning, because this supplement helps to quickly remove toxins from the body. In acute cases, you can consume up to 4-5 bags per day.

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Frequent questions about the product FanDetox

Is it solid or supposed to be drunk?

FanDetox is a drink that you may add to your meals and accompany with usual drinks ( of course, there are limitations like:coffee, caffeinated teas, alcohol beverages or sugar-loaded drinks). Also, you may simply dissolve it in warm water.

What is the composition of the product?

FanDetox consists of persimmon ( natural source of energy due to its natural sugars), goji berries ( improves metabolism), citrus peel extracts ( cholesterol levels normalisation), soybean sprouts ( protection of liver cells and nerve tissues), buckwheat ( restoration of liver cells alongside with the help for cardiovascular and nervous systems) , Vitamin C (immunity booster and toxins fighter ), taurine (detoxification in severe cases of liver damage), dextrine ( energy source for liver cells).

Who should consider taking FanDetox?

Since FanDetox is created to heal your liver and eventually normalise the digestive system in general, people who suffer from issues of this kind might greatly benefit from taking the product. Natural vegetal components of high quality will protect and restore your liver.