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Manufacturer: United States

It is highly recommended for:

  • People older than 30. After completing the course you can forget about the existing chronic diseases for good.
  • People being overweight . One course of Colo Vada helps to lose 2-10 kilos due to getting free from  toxins and metabolism improvement.
  • People with allergies and psoriasis. The program aims at cleaning the liver and providing proper work of gastrointestinal tract.
  • People with skin issues. Colo Vada helps you to get rid of papillomas, pigment spots, growths, the cause of which is directly related to poor quality of the intestine and liver problems.
  • People with chronic fatigue, blood pressure issues, headaches and bad breath.
  • People transitioning to vegan or raw food eating.

Colo Vada can also provide help for:

  • Couples trying to have a baby. Body detox of future parents will lower pregnancy issues and what is more important eliminate the possibility of congenital illnesses and hereditary predispositions to certain diseases.
  • Young people trying to improve their health undermined by frequent cold and medicine intake.
  • Colo Vada favors to body detox and immune system boost.

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Full course duration is 14 days. The complex consists of deworming component, natural vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Colo Vada Plus in action:

  • Parasites removal is achievable on the first stage. Only plant-based supplements are used.
  • Moreover it will help to get rid of pigment spots ;it will reduce allergies in some cases for good.
  • Intestines spring cleaning .
  • Junk food cravings destruction.
  • Second stage is toxins removal by the means of cocktail combined of lecithin, kaolin clay, herbs, which will stop body poisoning and chronic diseases development.
  • Proper combination of enzymes , vitamins, and microelements will enhance tone, strengthen hair, teeth and improve your well-being in general.
  • The skin will get fresh and vibrant.
  • Toxins removal will ensure decent weight loss – you will let go of from 1 to 7 kilos of harmful “

savings” and start being fitter and much more energetic.

For those who think full course is too hard to deal with : Colo Vada can be bought in separate stages. The company has set a certain price for the whole complex. We mentioned it next to the photo ( press the button “Price”) . If you are eager to get a 20 % discount just apply!

Colo Vada : 3 stages of detox

Stage 1: Detox and body preparation. Duration – 7 days.

  • Parasites removal by the means of antiparasitic supplements.
  • Probiotics intake for better digestion and immune system boost.
  • Slags detox by the means of fiber.
  • Vitamins and microelements enrichment for better resistance to diseases.
  • During these 7 days:
  • Considerable belly fat loss
  • Body free from toxins formerly dwelling in the intestines.
  • No more lamblia, helminths or harmful fungi! They are responsible for cravings, overeating, various allergies and many chronic diseases.
  • This program successfully works for more than 5 years. More than 4 thousand people underwent this course with our helpful guidance and obtained glorious results.

Stage 2: Intensive cleanse. Duration – 4 days.

Here you reject usual food. Your diet will just include Colo Vada Mix cocktail and natural supplements.

Cocktail consists of:

  • Lecithin. A remedy for stimulation of the liver and gallbladder. It helps the body to get rid of the poison wastes;
  • Sorbent and herbs to remove toxic substances from the body cells.

After drinking the cocktail Colo Vada Mix swells and fills the intestines, helps to straighten the spasms formed as a result of inflammation and intoxication. The cocktail cleans the digestive tract gently, without traumatizing its walls.

It is also possible to supplement your diet with light smoothies from fruits or vegetables with water.

Stage 3: Recovery. Duration – 3 days

The body gets double amount of probiotics, contributing to faster microflora recovery. Plant-based enzymes intake helps to unload liver and pancreas. You feel light and good. Recovery processes are about to start in every organ. Water that goes together with the products better be with Coral Mine which helps to get rid of toxins and lower discomfort.


  • Exacerbation period of diseases. While detoxing, inflammatory processes can intensify, which will provoke further exacerbation of the disease. Treat an exacerbation and then start the program.
  • Gastritis, peptic ulcer, frequent heartburn. These diseases indicate a weakness of the gastric mucosa.
  • Some components of Colo Vada can irritate it even more. We recommend that you first restore the stomach by using a diet and drinking water from the Coral Mine. Further for the treatment of the problem you might use Bio Kurunga, Aloemanan, Assimilator.
  • Kidney or gallbladder stones . During the cleaning process, they can start “moving” . Having this problem, it is better to start your recovery with Coral Detox.
  • Hemorrhoids. The second stage of the program is often accompanied by significant amounts of solid feces. They can provoke an exacerbation of hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. In such periods it is better to refrain from using the complex, as it can cause discomfort for pregnant women or a noticeable change in the taste of milk.For expecting and lactating mothers, we recommend the use of omega 3/60 complexes, Coral Mine, Protiviti, Lecithin, and Vitamin B group.
  • Children under 14 are not recommended to use the program. Certain light antiparasitic programs have been developed for them.
  • Oncology - detox is not allowed at the same time. Consult your doctor.

The program will be more comfortable for you, if the third and fourth day of the stage number 2 will be during the weekend.

Structure of the complex:

  • Lucerne is a medical plant containing the necessary chlorophyll and fiber for the microflora of the body, helping to cleanse the intestines much faster.
  • Herbal collection number 2 and black walnut leaves are antiparasitic supplements. Natural herbs carefully, without poisoning the body, will save you from unnecessary "neighbors". In the collection number 2, there are also herbs that remove poisons from the heart, brain, intestines.
  • Super Flora is a supplement against dysbacteriosis, i.e. a violation of the composition of useful
  • microflora in the body, the problem common for most adults. With a lack of beneficial bacteria, the resistance to diseases decreases. The composition will help restore normal healthy flora in the intestines.
  • Ultimate is a set of vitamins and microelements that will make up for their loss.
  • If you carry out the procedure of cleansing with Colo Vada every six months, your health will improve considerably.

Colo Vada results

The complex Colo Vada has been known for more than 10 years as a useful natural supplement. The program perfectly shows itself in solving a wide range of problems. Each person, starting to cleanse the body with Colo Vada, seeks to solve their own problems. Someone needs to lose weight, someone dreams of getting rid of unhealthy pigment spots, someone is hampered by chronic fatigue or other problems.

We chose 4 results, demonstrating the effectiveness of the complex visually. The most noticeable of the results of Victoria (photo above) is weight loss. Thanks to the combination of Colo Vada with other supplements from the Coral Club and changes in her diet , she managed to get rid of 13 kg. Other than weight loss , almost all people got rid of other problems, using Colo Vada. To notice healing of ulcer, allergy or diabetes by the means of photo is impossible. People simply write about this, and there are thousands of reviews.

On the photo, there is a young girl with former skin problems. It's no secret that the skin condition is directly related to liver health and normal gastrointestinal function. Restoration of both these functions is incorporated in the Colo Vada complex. Naturally, the problem skin remains in the past. In case of significant problems only Colo Vada will not be enough.

Here you might need a complex approach to problems, as well as changing diet and lifestyle under the Health Concept program. In such cases, we recommend that you contact us in any convenient way, and together we will find a solution for you!

Important! Colo Vada is only the first step to your health. After the program, positive changes await you. But without reviewing the diet and lifestyle over the time problems can return.

Manufacturer: Texas 75038, USA

We advise on the Colo Vada Plus complex from the following regions:

Russia and CIS countries, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, as well as Georgia, the Baltic countries, Romania, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Israel, Poland, Moldova and other countries.

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Frequent questions about the product Colo Vada Plus

What category of people should not be taking Colo Vada Plus?

This program is not made for kids under 14 years old. Also pregnant women and those who breastfeed should not be taking Colo Vada Plus. People with kidney and gallbladder stones should first deal with this problem and only after it is resolved, they might consider taking the program.

Who will definitely benefit from taking Colo Vada Plus?

Those people who are taking responsibility for their health. Since the program is aimed at cleansing our intestines by mildly flushing out the toxins and other junk. This improves microbiome and the work of gastro-intestinal systems in general. When the last one mentioned is maintained properly, we feel great and look accordingly.

How often may I take Colo Vada Plus?

If the intestines’ functions are poor and do not let it perform its work then the program may be repeated every two months. Other cases allow it to be taken twice per year. Please, be mindful about your health conditions and make sure that you can use this program to your best advantage.