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Manufacturer: Taiwan

Health comes from various places. If you seek health and work towards it, then it will definitely reach you. Surprisingly, this time it comes from algae, lake-dwelling algae. You may take off that puzzled look from your face since the talk is going to be about the well-known SPIRULINA. It has occupied a solid position on the market of healthy food due to its rich composition of essential nutrients. It may not boast of providing the body with vitamin C, but the other vitamins and minerals go in abundance.

Superfood advantages

Coral Club is known to provide its audience with only top-quality, natural products. Therefore it offers Premium Spirulina, which is made from 100% ecologically pure algae, and its manufacturing corresponds with the highest standards. Technically it is not totally algae, it is a combination of bacteria and algae. Only the best qualities of both nature representatives were extracted and transformed into a useful and environmentally friendly product. Let’s have a closer look at why people are so appreciative of this “superfood”.

Decent nutritional potential

As it has been mentioned before Spirulina has quite an impressive nutritional image. Due to the multiple researches, this supplement has not demonstrated any critical side effects, if any at all. Therefore it seems quite reasonable to supplement your diet with extra protein ( 4.02 g per one tablespoon), vitamins (thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12, E, A, and K), and dietary elements (calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron).

Helps to lose weight

This feature results from Spirulina being rich in nutrients. Consuming it in reasonable portions helps one to stay satiated for longer. It does not make the diet poor. Spirulina supplies the body with necessary vitamins and dietary elements. However, it does not mean that you substitute regular food with it.

Mitigates diabetes symptoms

Even though it requires more research, Spirulina already shows a promising effect on managing diabetes symptoms: lowering blood sugar, higher insulin levels, improving liver enzyme-producing. Also, a metabolism boost is observed.

Heart disease prevention

Spirulina lowers blood pressure and controls cholesterol levels. It results in vessels staying clean and free from clogs. These conditions guarantee the most optimal work of the cardiovascular system.

Easing allergies

Spirulina helps to mitigate allergy outbursts. Yes, it might not serve as an independent treatment. However, it may be included in a therapy of preventive measures.

Antitoxic effect

Spirulina demonstrates antitoxic effects and may be included in phasing out such pollutants in the organism as: lead, mercury, fluoride, lead.

More benefits

The membranes of Premium Spirulina from Coral Club are made up of mucopolysaccharides, soft in texture, and helps the organism to easily digest and assimilate spirulina protein (a decent substitute for the animal-derived protein, since it contains 8 irreplaceable amino acids). Adding spirulina to your favorite, healthy meals, for a month at least, will demonstrate the well-being of your organism. You will love the sensation of satiety, that does not feel overwhelming for your gastrointestinal tract.

To sum up

Be considerate, when trying new things for the health benefits and trust only those that are proven and certified. Premium Spirulina from Coral Club is exactly such a product since all the Coral Club produce is certified and acknowledged on the international market of dietary supplements.

N.B.! It is very important to consult with your healthcare professional before using this product for any conditions incompatible with taking Premium Spirulina.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product Premium Spirulina

Is it safe for everybody?

The researches conducted have not indicated any visible side effect of supplementing your diet with Spirulina. Coral Club company uses only 100% clean and natural alga for manufacturing Premium Spirulina. However, you are always welcome to consult your healthcare provider for extra information and permission to use it exactly for your specific health case.

What is Spirulina useful for?

Spirulina’s intake will be beneficial for those who want to improve their weight issue, and the work of cardio-vascular system. Metabolism gets to be improved as well. Allergy symptoms and diabetes symptoms can be mitigated by the means of spirulina also. Its antioxidant qualities help to prevent tumors.

What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a lake-dwelling alga that has, when processed right, quite beneficial effects on the human organism. It is rich in vitamins and dietary elements. Also it is quite well useful for those who want to enhance protein intake, but do not really want to maximize on animal products. Premium Spirulina has in its composition 8 irreplaceable amino acids.