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Manufacturer: Germany

Albert Monroe Greenfield once said, “ A man doesn’t need brilliance or genius, all he needs is energy.” It is hard not to agree with a statement since everything is about energy, and like it or not our lifestyle does require certain assistance for its replenishment.

Coral Club offers a variety of products that are there for your well-being and living life to its fullest. PentoKan is one of the go-to products when it comes to living life as we actually live it. This Coral club product is aimed at solid energy refill in times of extra exhaustion. The sad thing is that such times are more usual than the times of balance.

Ways to re-energize in the land of PERFECT

Sure thing, to get recharged people need to get a decent, high-quality sleep. The one that lets the person have a happy morning, with the sheer desire to welcome the new day. The one that gets the person to be bursting with the energy just about enough to hit the morning exercising and place pancake mix on the pan.

Then comes food in the shape of balanced meals that are empowered to invigorate every cell of the body in all the healthiest manner possible ( Pepsi can also do that, but that is not the effect we are here for). It is not about restriction, since this one is a big energy-drainer. It's about leaning towards general truth ( working for your specific body) while having an occasional cheesecake on the way.

The next highly recommended thing is to reconnect with nature via a long walk in the forest, on the beach, park, or else. No emails checking, no calls answering, no thoughts other than “what a beautiful bug is sitting on the stomp” are allowed. Ideally, it should not be for just one day. Yet, is it at all possible to even have a half-day of such a nature rendezvous?

Real-world situation

Projects, deadlines, multitasking, commuting, late nights, multiple coffee to the gym “I hate but I have to style’’...overworking… Reality is scary. Even though society started leaning towards healthy trends, without, unfortunately, reasonable filters, it is hard to achieve radical change at once. By the way, to make that change happen one needs energy as well. And if there is a deficit of it, what’s next?

PentoKan from Coral Club to the Rescue

PentoKan may offer a helping hand in this matter. And there is quite scientific proof for that.

Let’s start with: Have you heard about a sodium-potassium pump? To spare you from all the scientific pressure: this is a mechanism inside our body that helps to regulate the concentration of potassium and sodium ions levels in a balance that fully benefits the organism. PentoKan composition is developed in accordance with this pump needs to perform concentration regulation.

PentoKan is a huge source of Potassium. Coral Club made sure it is delivered to the recipient in the most bioavailable. Effervescent tablets, dissolving in the water, get to transform into two organic forms of potassium: citrate and ascorbate, ensuring bioavailability close to 97.5%.

Let’s have a look at the product composition that is responsible for its brilliance.

Vitamin C

  • assists in producing collagen, L-carnitine, and some neurotransmitters
  • performs an antioxidant function
  • improves iron absorption
  • boosts the immune system
  • contributes to faster wound healing.


  • improves heart performance
  • participates in ATP synthesis ( important for biochemical reactions)
  • improves muscle function
  • may contribute to better physical performance


  • guarantees cellular nerve impulses
  • improves heart rhythm
  • regulates water-salt balance
  • improves cellular metabolism
  • The right proportions of the following combination assure the product to fulfill its functional purpose with the greatest benefits for overall well-being.


Sure thing, PentoKan alone may not solve all the issues when it comes to energy restoration. The times of Panacea have been long gone. Nowadays, everything is about complex approaches. PentoKan from Coral Club is an excellent constituent of those approaches.

If there is a solution beautifully served for healthier=happier you, you might wanna consider.

N.B.! It is very important to consult with your healthcare professional before using this product for any conditions incompatible with taking PentoKan.

Be healthy!

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