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Manufacturer: Japan

In modern conditions, the problem of purity and quality of drinking water has become very relevant. Perhaps you regularly encounter insomnia, chronic fatigue and apathy, electrification of the hair and increased dryness of the skin, frequent colds and ailments, bouts of drowsiness during the day. These sensations are well known to every second person.

And what do we do when we face these problems? Most often we go to the pharmacy and buy synthetic vitamins, suspecting vitamin deficiency. Or even just drink gallons of coffee, complain about the weather changes and constant stresses at work.
In fact, the reason for these troubles is simple - poor water quality and, as a result, dehydration of the body at the cellular level.

The body can not get enough energy, since  there is a deficit of water and oxygen in the cellls. Lack of water also causes insufficient nutrition at the cellular level, because microelements simply do not enter the necessary tissues. Pharmacy vitamins are absorbed by no more than 20%, since dehydrated cells do not easily absorb any substances.

Here is your reason – poor quality of water.

Many people know that it is necessary to do something with water. Someone tries to drink only boiled water, someone buys purified in the store or applies home filters. But all these methods are far from ideal, and besides the benefits, they also carry certain harm.

In order to  always drink easily digestible pure and really useful water, the Coral Club has developed its own solution - a pocket filter in the Coral-Mine sachet, the application of which gives amazing results.

Coral Mine cost, as for the entire Coral Club product line is  fixed for all buyers. If you want to know the retail cost of the solution - click on the link below the product, select your region and see the price in your currency. Do you want to buy a Coral Mine at a 20% discount for club members? Find out what club discount is and how to get it here.

What is the Coral Mine: use and benefits

Coral Mine is a natural natural filter (Coral Sango). It correctly structures water, saturates it with minerals, alkalis (makes it slightly alkaline), and oxygen. Such useful water with calcium and other minerals is easily digested and becomes a provider of many necessary substances, including  the cellular level as well.

Coral Mine water  can saturate the human body for 90% with essential microelements and minerals. As a result, you no longer need mineral complexes and vitamins from the pharmacy.

These advantages of the Coral Mine product are a natural combination of the properties of the porous structure of Coral Sango, which can not only clean the water of impurities as a qualitative filter, but also saturate it with a wide range of microelements.

Only for 0,6 dollars  you get 1.5 liters of purified healthy water useful for your body saving on chemist's mineral complexes!

Interesting facts about Coral Mine: composition and action in nature

Coral Sango or coral calcium is a complex substance with a rich natural composition. The Coral Main filter has a porous structure, consisting of calcium carbonate with impregnations of magnesium and iron.

Water passing through the sarcophagus of Coral Main, is cleared of debris and harmful impurities, at the same time being saturated with calcium, magnesium and iron. Water gets a negative charge and becomes alkaline.

In nature, the Sango coral inhabits the coastal waters of the Okinawa Islands, inhabited by some of the most famous long-livers of the Earth. According to statistics, on the island where corals of Sango meet, there are more than 500 people, whose age has exceeded 100 years. And they all lead an active life, are hardy and physically strong.

The phenomenon of longevity of people in Okinawa was studied by scientists from different countries, and they came to the conclusion that this feature of the local population is associated with the use of alkaline natural water. In addition, the islanders feed mainly on plant foods, without an excess of animal proteins, which also positively affects their body.

Composition of a natural filter

The basis of the water filter of Coral Mine is a natural coral Sango, consisting of calcium carbonate with impurities of magnesium carbonate, iron and other mineral salts. Such a composition gives the sachet a real healing power. The main element of the filter Coral Main is calcium. When the sachet gets water, the coral base does not dissolve. The porous structure helps to saturate it with mineral ions of calcium, magnesium, etc. This form of minerals is processed in the body by 95%.

This water is alkaline, useful for health. Such composition helps to reduce the acidity in the body to the optimum level (pH 7.5-9.0). The saturation of water with alkalis depends on the concentration of sachet Coral Mine per liter of water.

Coral water is a natural natural absorber. Coral calcium in powder is able to absorb chlorine molecules, as the result the water becomes purer, softer, better absorbed. The special taste of clean water and health improvement is evidenced by the studies of Coral Main, reviews of people using such water and real observations of relatives and friends.

Water in human life

75 to 85%  our body consists of  water. The widely known fact is that without food we can survive for 2 months, but only if we drink water. And if you deprive a person of water, then his life will last only 3-5 days. When a person loses about 0.5 - 1.5 liters of water, he gets thirsty. And after the loss of 7-8 liters of fluid from the body, death occurs.

Water is the main "transport" of all nutrients in the body cells. It is the basis for proper body functioning.

On average, our body loses about 2-3 liters of water per day. This volume varies depending on the state of human health, activity and seasonal rhythm of life. And this volume must be timely replenished.

How much water you need, you can calculate by the formula: 30 ml per 1 kg of weight. At the same time, there is no need to expect a feeling of thirst, this feeling depends on the characteristics of the person, and is manifested in some cases - when the fluid loss reaches 0.5 liters, while in others - only after losing a whole liter. And the body needs to fill this volume in a short time. 

It is much more convenient to drink some small amounts of water during the day. With sufficient water saturation, a person feels an increase in energy, becomes sturdier. This reduces the frequency of migraines, back pain, and normalizes the pressure. Sufficient water intake is also the prevention of kidney stones.

Observe the fluid intake mode, and your body will work better, and this is your energy and health.

What is the drinking regime? This combination of sufficient volume of water consumed with its good quality. In this case, water is best to drink in small quantities, but often. If you do not have the habit of drinking a lot of water, you can accustom yourself to the norm gradually, starting from 0.5 to 1 liter and gradually increasing the total daily dose.

Water with sachet Coral Mine is an important step towards cleansing and improving the body. It is recommended to start using it together with a phased purification of the body with the help of the Kolo Vada complex. The combination of this complex with good alkaline water will help in just 14 days to purify the body of toxins and saturate the intestines with useful microflora.

Coral Main water benefits:

  • Low alkaline water helps to normalize the pH of the blood;
  • Saturates the body cells with oxygen;
  • Improves well-being;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Restores the flexibility of joints and the work of muscle tissue;
  • Increases stamina and energy levels;
  • Heals hair, nails, skin and teeth;
  • Reduces the burden on the liver and kidneys;
  • Helps to get rid of dehydration and to saturate cells with microelements.

Sachet of  Coral Mine weighs 1 gram. This is the powdered basis of Coral Sango.

The composition of the coral base is calcium and magnesium.

Coral Main composition:

  • Calcium ionized 30-35%;
  • Magnesium ionized 2-2.2%;
  • Other minerals (magnesium and silicon in various forms, iron and iodine, sodium and potassium salts, sulfur, phosphorus, zinc, etc.) 0.2-1.2%.
  • Excipient - ascorbic acid.

There is a variation of the Coral Mine with the addition of silver (0.8-1 mg).

Who benefits from the product from the Coral Club:

  • Anyone who follows their weight or tries to lose weight;
  • People who would like to get more energy and stamina;
  • Athletes at the practice  and rest;
  • Children for general health and development;
  • All who aspires to be healthy, vigorous, energetic.

Coral Mine: instruction

To make  useful water, 1 bag of Koral Mine filter should be immersed in a container of water (1-2 liters). Allow the water to stand for a while. You must drink it within a day.


Not identified. With an incorrect lifestyle, the amount of water consumed increases gradually, without stress for the body. Begin with the usual dose and bring the consumption to 1.5-2 liters per day.

Form of issue

Sachets with powder 1 g.

The package contains 10 or 30 sachets.

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Frequent questions about the product Coral Mine

What are the active components of the product?

Coral Mine is composed of Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium and Potassium. Their combination positively influences pretty much all the body systems and guarantees its optimal functioning.

How does it improve water?

When you add Coral Mine to your water its minerals contribute to obtaining optimal PH levels, regulating blood pressure. Also Coral Mine is capable of preventing osteoporosis and strengthening the structure of bones and cartilage. Kidneys, digestive system and blood quality will too benefit from having Coral Mine on daily basis.

What is Coral Mine?

It is a natural product made from deep-water scleractinian corals in the Sea of Japan. It is manufactured in Japan. The product is aimed at improving the quality of the water you drink.