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Manufacturer: Germany

Manufactured in Germany by Gramme-Revit GmbH

Sold in a set of 2 bottles of 0.5 liters each.

Portion contains:

  • Chondroitin in the form of sulphate - 300 mg;
  • Hyaluronic acid (HA) - 150 mg;
  • Easily digested vitamin E - 15 mg.

Daily intake  - 30 mg at breakfast.

Buy B-Luron for healthy vision, joint mobility and elastic skin

  • Improves joint function, restores the synthesis of cartilage and synovial fluid. Move actively and without pain.
  • Supplies with the necessary hyaluronic acid and stimulates its production. It results into keen eyesight and beautiful elastic skin.
  • Syrup B-Luron is  useful and tasty. Assimilated by 100%.
  • No side effects and contraindications.

B-Luron in action

  • After only 15 minutes, the active ingredients will be in the lymph. And they will spread through the tissues of the body.
  • During the day, useful ingredients will saturate cartilage tissue and synovial fluid.
  • After 3-5 months of permanent intake the whole organism will recover.

If to read about the action of the B-Luron product, it’s possible to find reviews dedicated  to  the restoration of joints and mobility. This fact is confirmed by doctors and buyers.

But we will start  the description of B-Luron with  another valuable quality,especially  for women.

Hyaluronic acid: benefits?

Water in our body is the most important component, it contains  70-80% of it. But with age, its number is gradually decreasing. There are devices that can accurately determine the water content in different types of tissues. And they show that already there is a deficiency of fluid in the human body around  35-40. 

And it does not matter if you drink a lot of water or a little. The percentage of water in the tissues of the body with age will still decline, and the body of a person grows old. This "drying out" is a natural process, but can it be slowed down?

Researches of scientists have shown that it is possible to save water  in an organism and provide optimum elasticity of body fluids only with the help of HA, which is able to "bind" significant quantities of water.

With the help of this unique acid collagen fibers of the skin are aligned correctly, elasticity is increased and youth returns to the skin. But with age, the body ceases to produce enough HA.

Already after 40 , its production is reduced by 2 times, and at 60 - only 10-15% of the volume that was observed in youth . The result  is  the appearance of wrinkles, senile flabbiness of the skin.

The B-Luron supplement contains a low-molecular formula of HA, which can be absorbed in a drinking form. And together with chondroitin, which is also part of the product, enhances its own synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the body.

 B-Luron hyaluronic acid

There is an opinion that in the  form of liquid  hyaluronic acid is useless for the body, since HA molecules are polysaccharides, and they are split during digestion. In most cases, it is. If ,instead of the original supplement B-Luron,   you buy  counterparts in the pharmacy, you might not benefit from that at all.

 B-Luron possesses  the structured molecules of the HA, created and patented by German scientists. They   are  applied in a special way. Here hyaluronic acid remains stable and absorbed into the blood without breaking down.

Studies,  conducted in German clinics, fully confirmed the effectiveness of B-Luron as a means for skin rejuvenation. Another important effect has also been confirmed - the supplement helps to restore the natural production of HA.

Why do we need HA:

  • Protection of the body cells from destruction by free radicals (antioxidant);
  • Participation in wound healing and tissue repair;
  • Rejuvenation of the dermis of the skin - helps collagen, ellastin and other proteins to maintain elasticity;
  • Helps to restore cartilaginous tissue and increase its elasticity. It is important to restore mobility;
  • Promotes saturation of all tissues and organs of the body with water.

Instead of "pricks of beauty" - delicious syrup B-Luron!

Manufacturers of cosmetics add hyaluronic acid  to the cream and advertise it as effective anti-aging agents. But this is nothing more than a marketing move that allows you to earn huge sums of money on female gullibility.

The fact is that the molecules of HA contained in the cream can not penetrate the skin, they simply form a protective layer on the surface. As a result, the amount of this beneficial substance in the skin does not change, and the elasticity cannot be restored.

The temporary effect of smooth skin after using the cream can be observed, in fact - it creates the same protective film. But as soon as you stop using the cream or even just wash yourself, all the "rejuvenation" will also be washed off your skin.

Another application of hyaluronic acid in cosmetology is the so-called "injections of youth" or mesotherapy. The procedure really increases the elasticity of the skin, reduces the depth and quantity of wrinkles, corrects the oval face.

After injection with a prick in the dermis, HA actively draws water to itself. It works like a sponge - and "sucks" extra fluid from the body. As a result, in places where the skin received a portion of HA, the skin becomes supple and moisturized. But the method has its drawbacks - if you drink a little liquid, as a result of exposure to hyaluronic acid, individual organs and tissues may suffer. And because cosmetologists always remind you that after the procedure you should definitely drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

But the main drawback of "pricks of beauty" is their high price. The course of rejuvenating procedures usually consists of 8 or 10 sessions. And one procedure of biorevitalization costs from 7 to 12 thousand rubles. As a result, rejuvenation will cost you about 50 thousand rubles or even more.

In one session, you get about 1-2 mg of hyaluronic acid, and injections only affect where the drug was administered.

We remind you that one portion of B-Luron contains 30 mg of hyaluronic acid, i.e. as many as 15 "jabs." And the agent acts on the body as a whole.

Moreover, the composition of B-Luron helps activate its own production of HA. Instead of eliminating the consequences, the person gets rid of the cause of the problems.

B-Luron - a real youth of your skin without jabs and expensive clinics!

Restoration of vision

Have you ever wondered why vision decreases with age? The human eye is one of the most water-saturated organs. And when the production of hyaluronic acid decreases, the vitreous eye also begins to dry up.

To restore vision, doctors enter the HA into the eyeball with the help of special injections. This is a complex and very expensive operation.

Take care of yourself: prevention is much more profitable!

The use of B-Luron helps to fill all the cells of the body with hyaluronic acid. The effect of the remedy is prolonged: within 4-6 months the amount of accumulated HA increases.

B-Luron and Mobility Recovery

By its effectiveness, B-Luron is quite comparable with intraarticular injections of HA. But if the injections are very expensive and painful, the daily use of B-Luron is profitable and tasty.

Moreover, the supplement helps to saturate the entire body, and not only at the injection site.

Another plus of B-Luron's application is the natural restoration of cartilage and joints. The supplement showed excellent efficacy even in the case of stage 4 arthrosis.

But for the ease of movement, cartilage improvement is not enough. The joint cavities of a healthy person contain a synovial fluid, which is a kind of "lubrication" of the joints.

With a lack of articular fluid, the cartilage is erased, each movement becomes painful.

The possibility of obtaining nutrients and removing toxins from the cartilaginous tissue directly depends on the amount of the joint fluid. Since there are no blood vessels, there is no alternative, and with a lack of this fluid, the destruction of the cartilage is accelerated.

The main component of the synovial fluid is hyaluronic acid. That is why the additional saturation of the organism with the supplement B-Luron is extremely important for people who have problems with joints.

The second most important component of B-Luron – chondroitin, the building material for cartilage tissue. The organism can synthesize it independently, but because of diseases, age changes, malnutrition and other factors, the production of chondroitin is reduced. As a result, a person experiences joint pain and difficulty in moving.

Important: cartilage nutrition and metabolic processes in them occur only during movement. If there is no activity, nutrients in the cartilaginous tissue do not arrive, and cartilage cells die. Waste can also not be removed from tissues, harmful substances accumulate. Consequently  degeneration of tissues begins, cartilage is erased, arthroses develops.

B-Luron is assimilated by a man by  almost 100%. The necessary HA enters the bloodstream and saturates the joints.

Simultaneously, the effect of the formula activates the natural renewal of bone tissue and cartilage. Here the main role is played by chondroitin sulphate, which is the most important material for the renewal of cartilaginous tissue.

You will notice changes already in the first 2-3 weeks of supplementation. In order to have  the cartilage tissues fully restored, it is best to take B-Luron in the course of 3-5 months and longer. Your joints will be restored by natural methods.

It is necessary to know:

  • B-Luron helps to  restore hyaline cartilage and "increases" it if there is initially a necessary tissue with a thickness of more than 1 mm. Therefore, this remedy  does not heal the 5th stage of arthrosis this remedy.
  • In the case of inflammatory processes in the joints (with arthritis), firstly you  need to get rid of the infection.
  • In some cases, joints may be affected in the first few days. This is normal for arthritis and other diseases. The articular bag begins to fill with fluid, there is some stretching, which causes unpleasant sensations.

After complete saturation and restoration of cartilage, the body will begin to produce the necessary cells completely independently.

Want to know more? Watch the  video and read the reviews about the B-Luron product.

With B-Luron, the synergetic effect of the combination of chondroitin with hyaluron is observed. In addition to external intake of important substances, their natural production is also stimulated. Already at the 4 th week of intake of  the supplement, the hyaluron production begins to exceed the intake of HA from the outside by quantity.

The human body contains about 230 joints, which make a huge number of movements daily.

During physical work or sports, the pressure  is  greatly increased. In such cases it is recommended to take the B-Luron course annually to ensure their healthy functioning.

Children are advised to have  the supplement regularly, especially during periods of the most active development, in order to avoid problems with the spine.

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Frequent questions about the product B-Luron

How fast can I see the effect of the product?

It gets to lymph within 10 -15 minutes after taking it. In 24 hours it spreads to all the joints. After one month of consuming it, B-Luron keeps being active for 3-5 months.

What does the B-Luron complex consist of?

B-Luron is the supplement that consists of Hyaluronic acid, Chondroitin, and Vitamin C. The components of the complex provide the organism with the effectiveness that does not give in to the hyaluronic injections. Its composition favorably affects all the joints at the same time.

What are the indications for use?

B-Luron is taken when there is an arthritis or deterioration due to age changes. Also it will be of great use for those who have experienced (or still in the process) one-sided prolonged pressure during work (being overweight included), those who are involved and sport activities. Favorable influence will be shown on those who are in the process of rehabilitation after joint surgery. Teens will also benefit from taking it if having osteochondropathy.