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Manufacturer: USA

Drink at least two liters of water per day and be healthy! The most common call for increased hydration. Often we do not start to clarify some details. For example, Is such amount suitable for everyone? Are there any contraindications? And if I don’t want to drink it, is it worth it to torment myself? When to drink? And one of the most important points, What water to drink? It's not about soda, juices, or tea. We are still talking about plain water. But as it turned out, ordinary water can be very different and not always equally useful.

From the moment we decided that each organism is unique and individual, we can determine how much water we need to consume per day. Then we, observing our body, choose a comfortable time for drinking. After all, there are many dogmas: you can’t drink while eating food, you can’t drink immediately after food, you can’t drink for 4 hours after consuming proteins, it’s also not recommended during physical activity, then it has somehow become recommended, also you have to drink half an hour before meals, than it shortens up to 10 minutes, etc.

That is, there are some many not really scientifically proved rules and recommendations. All of them prove that one cannot fit everyone into the same frame. Someone tried a certain scheme, it worked for him, so he began to prove the truth of his proven theory. In fact, the calculation of water intake per day should be made based on the state of the body and preferably under the supervision of your doctor who has already managed to get acquainted with your body and more or less knows how to prescribe your water diet. Among us are those who do not bother about how much to drink and when. They just drink when they feel thirsty and do not feel any discomfort.

No matter how different our water needs are, there is one common denominator - we all need quality water. Water, the molecules of which will be able to penetrate into the cells and provide full hydration and mineralization. There is also much debate about water quality. On the agenda: living water, melt water, spring water, hydrogen enriched water, hexagonal water, etc. Jungle and no less.

The coral club helps to facilitate a journey into the world of healthy water and offers you the HydraMax complex. The HydraMax program is a product created with the aim of providing the body with full hydration.

Three whales of the program:

  • Saturation with the necessary minerals (our body is a combination of ⅔ water and ½ chemical elements for its full life). This function realizes itself through the Coral Mine product, the source of which is corals found deep at the bottom of the Japanese sea, near the famous island of Okinawa with an impressive lifespan of its inhabitants. Coral Mine is also involved in regulation of the pH of water, improves taste of water and optimizes the balance of minerals.
  • Purification function (fight against antioxidants). Here we recall the already known H-500, a powerful antioxidant that builds its work on the basis of the strong reducing functions of hydrogen. H-500 actively fights oxidative processes in the body.
  • Maintaining the water-salt balance (participates in the balanced work of potassium and sodium). Product Pentokan - a storehouse of electrolyte - potassium in active form. The product contains ribose and vitamin C. The interaction of Potassium with them ( ribose and vitamin C) determines its activity in Pentokan.

The complex combination of Coral Mine, Pentokan and H-500 in the HydraMax program is an ongoing manifestation of constant care about your unique body from the Coral Club due to the most optimal hydration of each of its cells.

It is important to remember that you should consult your healthcare provider or family doctor before using this product.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product HydraMax

When do I know that my body is dehydrated?

Usually the signs of dehydration might be the following: headache, high blood pressure, cardiopalmus, high cholesterol, poor quality of hair, nails and skin, joint pain, kidney and gall-bladder stone formations, etc. These symptoms may refer to certain other diseases. However, when you feel something of those things mentioned it is useful to first ask herself “Am I drinking properly balanced water?”

Why isn’t it enough to just drink water for hydration?

Not all water delivers the same quality to your body. It may sound weird, but in order to benefit from drinking water you must be sure that it is enriched with necessary minerals. Usually we have no idea where our water comes from and whether we should trust the information on the bottle. In order to maintain the water in muscles and tissues the body should be getting certain elements for that. Also drinking way too much water will place a lot of pressure on your kidneys.

How exactly does Hydramax support hydration in the organism?

The components of the Hydramax program are designed to maintain the balance between salt and water. Also Hydramax is capable of maintaining organoleptic properties of the water. Active ingredients of the product are the essential participants of the physiological and biochemical processes that take place being water accompanied.