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Manufacturer: United States

How deep is our knowledge of such a unique organ as the intestine. From school, we learned that the intestine is an organ of digestion in humans and multicellular animals, which is also responsible for excretory processes. We are not much aware about its location, and without being a qualified specialist in this matter, we won’t say where it takes its beginning or where it ends. Although we have some ideas about the latter.

It is very sad that in fact we have little interest in our anatomy and physiology. "What for?" you may ask, since there are specially-trained people who, in case of any emergency, will lend a helping hand and find that same intestine, and determine what went wrong. Sure thing this approach makes sense.

But on the other hand, our body is amazing and hardly likes it when we are so ignorant of its amazing functions. After all, knowing how everything works, we can help our body work more efficiently and productively. I am definitely not saying that we should cancel on our doctor and start self-treatment. Rather, the focus is on prevention and proper care. After all, preventive actions prevent diseases and health deterioration.

In the intestine, the process of the final absorption of all the necessary nutrients into the blood takes place. This means that our body will be provided with the necessary nutrients and will function according to the norms of health. It lets out all unnecessary stuff, as well as it protects our body from junk.

In addition, our immune system also depends a lot on this organ. I will not describe the whole process, blessed we are to have so much information at our disposal. In short, I will say that due to Peyer's patches (accumulations of lymphoid nodules) and the “brigade of assistants” located in them, the fight against pathogens trying to get into the body through our gastrointestinal tract is carried out. This is only the minimum that the intestines are capable of.

What does the intestine need and why do we need to know about it?

In the intestine there is the mass of beneficial bacteria necessary for its successful functioning. They are known to be called “intestinal microflora”. Therefore damaging it, we ruthlessly undermine the work of this delicate organ. The intestine loves a healthy balanced meal rich in fiber.It is also not indifferent to food with natural probiotics. The intestine, of course, as well as our whole body, will thank you for good exercise in the morning and quite an active day in general. This way we can help him better cope with all its responsibilities. Calmness, the ability to cope with stress are also quite a few important components of the safe work of the intestine.

To summarize, it may seem that all you need to do in your life is to only take care of the intestine. However we have such crazy pace, such an amount of everything and anything for which we are responsible, that sometimes we simply bail on our bodies hoping, thanks to nature, it will take care of itself, recover, heal itself.

This is also possible, and there are cases when the body helps itself to heal, but still it does not happen without our own, even minimal, effort. The one that we ourselves can overlook. Somehow we stopped being nervous, started to meditate, gave up on something harmful, changed the schedule and approach to how we live. As a result our body immediately begins to recover.

Therefore, even a small desire to help yourself already sends a powerful signal to the universe that great changes are coming. Coral Club, as always, intercepts your request for help and provides a unique solution - the product Healthy Gut. This program purposefully contributes to the complex healing of the intestine and the work of the digestive system as a whole. Perfect selection of a product components will help ensure excellent results and excellent well-being.

Healthy gut

  • normalizes the bowels
  • normalizes metabolism
  • strengthens the immune system
  • makes you prettier and healthier overall

Duration of a program - 30 days. The program is divided into 3 stages. A separate stage is a purposefully prepared course. In order to achieve the most effective result, it is worth adhering to the proposed dosage and the order of intake, following the instructions.

I would also like to draw your attention to the fact that before taking this product, you should consult your doctor!

Stage 1 - Mild Cleansing

At this stage of the program, the processes of cleansing and excretion of waste products of the body, including parasites and toxins, are launched. The activity of the gallbladder and kidneys is normalized.

How to apply

Morning, before breakfast

Super Flora

normalization of microflora and enrichment of a healthy bacteria.

In the morning, while eating

Black walnut leaves

  • antiparasitic effect
  • mild laxative function
  • improvement of the intestinal mucosa
  • cholesterol decrease


  • protein break down
  • bowel activation
  • reduction of irritability of the mucous membranes

Coral Lucerne

  • providing the body with minerals, vitamins and essential amino acids
  • intestinal microvilli cleansing

Coral Lecithin

  • damaged cell regeneration

Coral Carnitine

  • fat break down
  • detoxification

In the evening during meals


  • stimulation of bile outflow, digestion normalization, cholesterol reduction.

Coral Burdock Ruth

  • cleansing the liver, kidneys, gallbladder

Cascara Sagrada

  • mild laxative function

Stage 2 - normalization of the intestine function

At this stage, the microflora is normalized, food digestion and useful nutrients absorption are improved.

How to apply

Morning,before breakfast


In the morning, while eating

Coral Lecithin

Assimilator (composition of plant enzymes)

  • digestion improvement
  • nutrient absorption
  • restoration of the mucous membranes of the digestive tract (due to vitamins A and D)
  • synthesis of enzymes and hormones

Coral Artichoke

  • hepatoprotective function


  • improve vascular condition
  • cholesterol lowering
  • tonic function

In the evening, while eating


Coral Magnesium

  • improvement of intestine peristaltic, gall and bladder
  • normalization of nutrient absorption
  • energy function

Stage 3 - recovery

  • Improving the digestive tract, optimizing the balance of vitamins and minerals, improving metabolism.

How to apply

Morning, before breakfast

Super flora

In the morning, while eating

Coral Lucerne


Coral Taurine

Omega 3/60

  • beneficial effect on intestinal microflora

In the evening, while eating

Coral Magnesium

Spirulina (tablets)

  • enzyme synthesis


  • mucosal cell regeneration

One of the key components of the success of this program is quality water.It would be beneficial to drink proper amount of water with Coral Mine. It is recommended to consume not less than 1.5 liters per day for all stages, 30 minutes before meals, or 1.5-2 hours after eating. Also, do not forget to follow the instructions on proper diet. They can be found in the instruction.

Also, worth mentioning that the Coral Club's Healthy Gut program is a perfect match to the Kolo Vada Plus cleansing program.

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Frequent questions about the product Healthy Gut

Should one be fasting at one of the stages of the program?

No, those who will start taking this product might proceed with eating. However some dietary restrictions are required. Please, make sure to stay away from fried, greasy, fatty, simple carb food. Drink a lot of clean, enriched water. No alcohol and coffee are allowed in the process of doing the program.

How long should one be taking the program?

The program “ Healthy Gut “ is divided into 3 stages. The first stage is called “mild detox” and helps the intestines mildly get cleansed. The second one is “normalisation”. The task of the second stage is to balance various groups of microorganisms in order to achieve overall balance in the intestinal microbiome. The third stage is known as “recovery”.The digestive functions get to be normalised and the growth of useful bacteria is enhanced.

What is the mission of a Healthy Gut program?

The Healthy Gut program is developed to help to restore proper functioning of the intestines. Also this program is aimed at boosting the immune system and strengthening the resistance to viruses. As well the program is supposed to help your metabolism function properly.