Ca-Mg complex: reasons to watch for Ca-Mg sufficiency in the organism

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Calcium and Magnesium do go together, even though the body does not really rely on Mg to have Ca absorbed. The thing is that without Magnesium, Calcium will develop quite a whacky behavior of storing itself in all the wrong places, for example, cartilage, or soft tissues. So it is useless to talk about one in separation from the other. As well as supplementing one without another makes little sense either.

Ca-Mg from Coral Club is a totally well-balanced product, covering all the body needs in these minerals. Its value is unfolded in being able to eliminate the deficit that might be traced within the organism. As much as we try eating healthy and stand by a well-planned diet (synonym for eating nutritiously dense meals), glitches happen and deficiencies come in the way. Such a reinforcement for your daily food intake is a good thing to consider when you are sure you need it (your healthcare practitioner is supposed to provide you with a better picture on this one).

Let’s have a look in more detail at why it's crucial to ensure that there is enough of both Calcium and Magnesium in anywhere it is supposed to be in your organism.

Let’s start with Ca first

Сalcium is a vital mineral for the body to thrive and function the way nature meant it. Healthy teeth and strong bones are not only the biggest benefits of having enough of it exactly where it is meant to be. Also, Ca is famous for maintaining our muscles and their moving activity.

Calcium assists in transmitting messages from body parts to the brain, moving blood throughout the body, and releasing hormones and enzymes. Pretty complex resume, so that not to hire this mineral for a daily basis job.

By the way, the Ca-Mg complex from Coral Club has vitamin D3, Boron, and Silicon, and vitamin K in its composition. Vitamin D3 is known to help Ca to be absorbed better. Boron and Silicon help vitamin D3 to be properly synthesized. Vitamin K is there on the watch for the Calcium to be properly assimilated and allocated within the bone system. Quite an intricate mechanism to maintain in constantly working conditions.

What’s the good about Magnesium?

Everything is good about it. “Good mood” does not sum up its brilliance. Do not get that wrong - Mg may help reduce the risk of depression. However, there is more to that story. Magnesium is a powerful mineral that sets such an impressive action within your body. It maintains the proper work of your brain (improved memory and learning); proper work of your heart (healthy heartbeat, regulated blood pressure); improved blood sugar, active participation of the metabolic processes in the organism, and better stamina.

That being said, it is fairly reasonable to monitor the levels of this mineral and whether you get enough of it from your diet choices. If you feel that the type of eating for some reason does not fulfill your nutrition needs, then you might consider obtaining your daily intake from some high-quality, natural, and certified products.

The Ca-Mg complex from Coral Club has the potential to satisfy mineral needs in case there is such a need.

A bit of a takeaway

Based on the summary of all the good stuff about Calcium and Magnesium sufficiency, let’s see who might be the most interested in incorporating the Ca-Mg complex into their daily diet:

  • People who have some issues with a cardiovascular system
  • People who have developed osteoporosis
  • Ladies after 40
  • Seniors
  • People with depression cases
  • People with issues in the musculoskeletal system
  • People are seriously involved in sport.

These categories do not limit the audience who could benefit from the product. Extra nutritional boost (but, please be aware of all the conditions in your organism, to avoid any potential harm) in terms of the lifestyle we lead (hectic, sleep-deprived, poor nutrition - all nutrition is good for the energy, the value sometimes is compromised-, STRESS no-resilience) is gonna get appreciated by your body.

N.B.! It is very important to consult with your healthcare professional before using this product for any conditions incompatible with taking Ca-Mg complex.

Be healthy!

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