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Manufacturer: United States

"Microhydrin" is perfect  for athletes and people engaged in manual labor, because strength and endurance are very important for them. Already in 7 days after you start  using  the product, the lactic acid in muscles decreases down  to 24%, and its utilization and recovery processes accelerate at times.

The supplement  provides the body with strong antioxidants, which help increase the synthesis of energy. As a result, electrons, responsible  for  "breathing" of the body cells, are released thereby restoring the active form of ATP-NADPH. The body receives more energy for all processes: mental, physical activity, tissue regeneration, immune defense, etc.

The supplement  prevents oxidation in healthy cells and helps to restore the alkaline environment. At the same time cell saturation improves, health is strengthened and aging processes slow down.


  • Antioxidants counteract free radicals.
  • The biological quality of intercellular fluids is improved. As a result, cells get enough water and actively absorb nutrients.
  • The influence of hydroxyl and peroxide radicals, the most aggressive species, is neutralized.
  • Microhydrin significantly increases the amount of energy in the body, stimulating its production.

Who will benefit

Microhydrin provides energy saturation and support:

  • Immune system. Frequent colds are decreased.
  • Cardio-vascular system. Reduces the risk of blood clots and improves the quality of cell nutrition.
  • Gastrointestinal tract, nutrients are better absorbed.
  • Muscular tissues, reduces the production of lactic acid, other unpleasant consequences, accelerates recovery and gives more strength and endurance.

Prevention of diseases

Microhydrin reduces the risk of not only colds and other infectious diseases due to improved immune system, but also suitable for the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases. These diseases develop in the body for years, sometimes throughout life, often result  in a fatal outcome. This is oncology, heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. How does the Microhydrin work?


Free radicals damage DNA in cells, thus provoking mutations and development of tumors. The more frequent such mutations occur, the higher the probability that the body will not be able to recognize the disorder at an early stage. The result is benign and malignant tumors. Microhydrin contains antioxidants that neutralize the effects of radicals.

Heart diseases

As studies of doctors have shown, the use of fatty food leads to problems with blood vessels. When the fats are split, free radicals appear. Often they cause a blockage of blood vessels. But the same experiments of scientists confirmed that the use of antioxidants of the group of vitamins A and C is  20 times higher than the usual daily rate, neutralizes the negative impact of radicals on the vessels. According to Patrick Flanagan, one capsule of Microhydrin (250 mg) has more antioxidants than 10 thousand glasses of natural orange juice. And at the same time - without "accompanying" calories!


Damage of the  tissues due to the destructive effect of active radicals can lead to arthritis and other joint diseases. Microhydrin is not only a preventive measure, but it also helps those that are  already ill. The intake of Microhydrin reduces the intracellular oxenegation of damaged areas, due to which the process of tissue destruction slow down and a significant reduction in pain sensations. To answer the question of whether complete healing is possible with the use of Microhydrin, further research is required.


During clinical trials of the Microhydrin, it was observed that people with type II diabetes who got it  in adulthood, could  reduce blood sugar without changing the dosage of insulin. At the cellular level, thanks to Microhydrin together with oxygen and nutrients, more glucose also starts to be processed. In some cases, the cause of diabetes is a virus that adversely affects the pancreas so that it ceases to produce insulin. If this theory is confirmed, then it appears that Microhydrin also helps to fight the virus.

Important! Do not experiment and do not change the dosage of insulin without the permission of your doctor. This is dangerous for your life!

If you have any of the severe chronic diseases, provide information about Microhydrin and its properties to your doctor. It will help to choose the correct dosage of Microhydrin and other medicine. In the case of chemotherapy, Microhydrin may decrease the effectiveness of certain medicine because of the powerful antioxidant effect. Consultation with the doctor in such cases is mandatory.

Active life and longevity

Modern science confirms that cells under perfect conditions live indefinitely. But radicals in an active form destroy the cellular structure. The more often the cells of the body "die", the higher the risk of diseases.


The capsule of Microhydrin (300 mg) contains:

  • Magnesium sulfate;
  • Calcium hydroxide;
  • Magnesium ascorbate;
  • Potassium citrate and carbonate;
  • Mannitol;
  • Silicon;
  • Lemon acid;
  • Sunflower vegetable oil;
  • Auxiliary substances: water (prepared) and gelatinous base.


Microhydrin is the most useful as a food supplement for the prevention of diseases and overall health improvement. In the matter of  price and useful properties microhydrin is one of the best supplements.

Recommended dosage

The optimal dose of the medicine  depends on the characteristics of the person and the presence of certain diseases.


For adults and children over 12, the recommended daily dose is 1-2 capsules. This amount is sufficient to neutralize external negative effects and the effects of stress. It is best to take one capsule in the morning before breakfast, and another one  - at bedtime or at lunch.

With catarrhal diseases

In the case of colds or flu, the recommended dosage for an adult or a child over 12 years is 2-3 capsules per day, divided into 3 doses. The course of such increased use is limited to 3-4 days. In case of dangerous and complex infections, always consult your doctor.

Infections: viruses and harmful bacteria

In the case of acute infections,  Microhydrin take a large dose every 2-3 hours - 2-3 capsules. Such dosage will help to gradually get rid of the symptoms and the pathogens themselves. It is important to understand that Microhydrin is not similar to antibiotics, and it does not kill pathogens, but only significantly weakens them and stimulates the immune system to fight bacteria or viruses more actively. Therefore, after improving the state of health, you should  prolong  intake of the supplement  for 3-4 days or more.

Problems of circulatory system and chronic diseases

In case of manifestation of various vascular chronic diseases, liver and digestive tract problems, circulatory disorders, the schedule of supplement intake is chosen: 3 times a day (before meals), 1 capsule. Improvement is observed within 2-10 days. To reduce the harmful effects of radicals on blood vessels, it is best to take 1 or 2 capsules before meals.

Important: The amount of fat in food should not be more than 30% of the calorie content of the serving.

For smokers or for  passive smoking people

Smoking people and those who are susceptible to passive smoking for various reasons, especially in childhood, need to use Microhydrin as an antioxidant:

  • up to 5 years, enough ½ or a whole capsule per day,
  • 5 to 12 years: 1-2 capsules per day,
  • over 12 years of age and adults will need 2-3 capsules.

Before training or manual labor

Since heavy physical exercises  accelerate the formation of radicals in free form, it is worth taking before the start of classes or work from 1 to 3 capsules. The nutritional supplement neutralizes the radicals and helps the cells to be saturated with oxygen, which increases the amount of energy and reduces the negative effect of the exercises.

5-12 years old children

For the prevention of disease - ½ capsules per day. With a cold or flu, the optimal dosage is ½ or a whole capsule. Repeat after 4 hours, except for sleeping  periods. You should proceed for 2-3 more days after feeling better. You can mix the supplement  with juices, puree from apple, other fruits or quality yoghurt.

Children up to 5

For acute colds or flu manifestations, give ¼ to ½ capsules every 4 hours (excluding sleeping  periods). The contents of the capsule are mixed with fruit juices or purees (without sugar), as well as with natural yoghurts. Foaming is possible during mixing. It  should be taken  immediately after mixing with food. Intake  lasts  for 2-3 days more  after the symptoms disappear. To support the organism , you can similarly provide ½ capsule per day.


Pregnancy, lactation, individual intolerance of constituent substances. It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before you start taking it.

The form

The plastic jar contains 60 capsules.

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