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Sports, healthy sleep, a positive and peaceful state of mind and of course a healthy diet are the main whales that help us stay slim and fit, as well as maintain health at the proper level. Lemon squeezy...however not. When it comes to actually taming those “whales”, it turns out that some of them are not amenable to training. First, you did not sleep enough, then indulged into fast food, after, let off the steam at the meeting, so much so that the glass partitions of the office rattled. If that somehow reminds you then you can't do without Chip, Dale and Gadget. That is, allies are needed.

Lipostick Fit from Coral Club is just a perfect assistant in the intentions of getting a beautiful and healthy body. No, this is not a panacea that completely replaces the positive qualities of the recommendations listed above. Therefore, it is necessary and important to find the necessary balance and subscribe for a healthy lifestyle for a quite long term. But the fact that Lipostick Fit is a real lifesaver in matters of safe and effective weight loss is a sincere truth. Liposomal technology underlying the manufacturing technology is the key to bioavailability and higher efficiency of the intended purpose of the product.

Coral Club Lipostick Fit contains only natural, effective and safe ingredients.

Thanks to the action of the active ingredients, the following properties of Lipostick Fit can be distinguished:

  • Weight loss ( speeding up the metabolism, which unfortunately slows down with age and interferes with losing weight).
  • Prevention of the formation of new fatty deposits (prevents fat from being deposited in fat cells).
  • Decreased appetite (due to the presence of important nutrients to maintain normal body functioning and the necessary state of satiety for a long period).
  • Antioxidant action for long-term preservation of youth, beauty and health.
  • Improving sleep and positive impact on a healthy emotional background.
  • It does not require a complete restructuring of the lifestyle (no need to starve, eat by the hour, wait for the young moon - everything is simple, as always in the Coral Club, and designed for people).

Active components of the product Lipostick Fit from Coral Club

Tangerine Peel Extract

The main active ingredient is a complex of flavonoids from fermented tangerine peel (a method patented by the company). Nobiletin and Hesperidin are bioflavonoids that are responsible for maintaining a healthy metabolism (preventing metabolic syndrome and preventing fat accumulation in the liver), reducing appetite and improving the immune system. In the fermented peel, studies have shown, the presence of flavonoids increases by almost 10 times.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans (unroasted) are a source of chlorogenic acid, which is responsible for speeding up metabolic processes. As a result, the body has to ask for more energy, which it has to take from glycogen and fat stores. Chromium in green grains helps control appetite.

Noni juice

Noni (tropical fruit) is a storehouse of the most powerful antioxidant - superoxide dismutase ( cells protection from oxidative processes) and polyphenols (also responsible for antioxidant functions).It protects the health of the cardiovascular system and alleviates chronic inflammatory processes that often result in obesity.

L - carnitine

This component is precisely responsible for the prevention of fatty deposits in the cells. L - carnitine (related to vitamins) is responsible for the breakdown of fats and their subsequent entry into the mitochondria (energy depots of cells), where fats are oxidized and converted into energy.

Black pepper extract

The piperine in the composition (as well as the flavonoids in the tangerine peel) can genetically influence the formation of new fat cells, thereby preventing the accumulation of excess fat. Plus, piperine improves the digestive tract (by improving blood flow), thereby helping to better absorb nutrients.

Green tea leaf extract

This component is the richest source of polyphenols (protectors against oxidative stress and helpers in prolonging youth and longevity). Green tea leaf flavonoids improve blood circulation and reduce glucose tolerance (diabetes 2, metabolic syndrome, obesity).

Lipostick Fit from Coral Club is your real chance to manifest the body of your dreams and, of course, improve your health. The product is quite complex and has a wide range of positive effects on the human body.

N.B! Before using the product, it is very important to consult with your doctor for the presence of conditions incompatible with taking Lipostick Fit.

Be healthy!

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Frequent questions about the product Lipostiсk Fit

What does it consist of?

Together with fermented mandarin peel extract Lipostick Fit consists of Green bean coffee extract, Green tea leaf extract, L-carnitine, Noni juice and Black pepper extract. Thanks to this natural and certified composition, Lipostick Fit works at its full potential.

How is Lipostick Fit beneficial for the general state of health?

Lipostick Fit is way more complex than just a product for slimming. It influences the overall state of the body via improving liver health, monitoring metabolism, performing antioxidant function, improving sleep and mood.

What is the main active component?

It is a flavonoid complex from fermented mandarin peel extract . Citrus fruit peel is rich in bioflavonoids - hesperidin (reducing appetite; strengthening immune system) and nobiletin (prevention of fat being stored in the liver; metabolism control)