An Apple

An Apple

Healthy eating

Daily task of every single man is to eat in a healthy and delicious manner. What is the best thing to choose when you are busy  and lack decent amount of time to cook something exquisite to please every little cell of your body? The answer is as simple as the day is long  and to some extent is even trivial – fresh fruit, especially THE ONE I want to draw your  precious attention to : An apple

Useful qualities of apples

It is hardly possible to find  someone who has not heard about the global benefits of this edible gift of nature. An apple is not only a delicious  and aesthetically beautiful fruit, but also a vitamin and mineral treasure chest of substances for the body. This indeed  useful fruit is able to provide the human need for vitamins C, B1, B2, P, E, here we also include manganese and potassium. Fiber, abundantly present in green apples, requires sufficient time to digest food, therefore it can defend an  organism from hunger for a long time. Pectin, also known as a complex carbohydrate, has the ability to scrape off the entire toxic “deposit” from the intestinal wall and remove it from the body, which in turn helps to normalize metabolism and improve intestinal motility. Another important quality  of apples is the ability to fight anemia due to the presence of iron. Of course, in terms of the amount of this element, the apple is inferior to products of animal origin, but the apple gland has a high biological digestibility.

Pitfalls in apples

You should always be objective, especially in matters related to your health, especially in terms of nutrition. The unparalleled  uniqueness and individuality of the human body explains why one and the same product can manifest itself in different ways: to be foe  with one and friend with another. If to discard metaphors and return to the apples,  we can spot few  pitfalls in the usefulness of them but still they are  worth paying attention to some of them.

First of all it will be important to keep in mind :  Moderation in everything - overeating of apples can result into dramatic disorder of the stomach. You also need to keep yourself together  when consuming very sweet varieties of apples (Golden, Medunitsa, Jonathan), since the excessive sugar in "these guys" is capable of harming  health of your teeth. These same sweet apples are strictly forbidden to diabetics. The question of the use of apples for people  with  gastritis and other vividly expressed problems of the gastrointestinal tract is rather debatable. Here, opinions differed among different shores. It is well known that sour varieties of apples (Semerenko, White Fill, Granny Smith, etc.) are unacceptable during periods of exacerbation of gastritis. Though  baked delicious goodies, in quite a  small number, are allowed.

Color and use of apples

Let’s continue ! It’s time to talk about a combination of taste and color. So many men…so many apples. Giving preference to green apples, we get more fiber, antioxidants and much less sugar. For health-conscious sweet teeth red apples are literally a lifeline ... or a ball, but it's again important to remember: All in moderation! Yellow apples are a storehouse of pectin and also they are famous for being  best friends of the liver, since they possess choleretic abilities.

Proper apples

Having basic information we are ready to go to the market or to the grocery store to replenish stocks of super-useful product , virtually  "superfood", but now it's important to choose REALLY quality and useful apples. When buying apples, the most important thing is its skin. If it is dark, wrinkled and dark, then it's worth passing by. Also, the bottom part and stalk are indicators of decay, therefore, look closely at these areas. Do not chase after huge apples ... in this case the size really does not matter... the average size of an apple corresponding to its weight makes up  the  apple you want to buy !!! Be wary of smooth, glossy, ideal forms of apples. Nobody can be so perfect, which means  the chemicals were launched into the game in order to be  bound to increase and immortalize this product. A win-win option is to buy seasonal apples and preferably in an environmentally friendly region. Eat, enjoy and recharge the benefits hidden in this miraculous fruit.

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