Tangerines as they are, good for the body

Tangerines as they are, good for the body

“Tangerine miracle” - this would be the best association with moody winter season. When the severe cold starts reigning pretty much everything around and the weather easily changes from wind to rain, from rain to sleet, from sleet to beautiful snowflakes, dancing immaculately, only  tangerines would remain untouchable.

Passing through the market stalls shivering from cold or wandering through the store assortment longing for something no one knows what  however you will always stop and grab handful of  orange balls of different names ( klementins, mandarins, encore, kishus etc.)  and will for sure smile to their lively orange shining.So why are we so attracted by those orange  buddies? The answer is very simple: our body is  in love with the benefits suggested by this super-healthy-yummy-food that it simply draws you to the place where you can get your citrus dose. Every single system of your precious organism will feel extremely grateful to you for eating this vitamins and nutrients rich product. So let’s see how that gratitude will be expressed.

Gratitude from your skin staying forever young

Tangerines are fantastically rich in antioxidants therefore they are empowered to defeat skin-destructive free radicals. Another word should be pronounced: Vitamin C. This cold days citrus possesses a third of your daily Vitamin C intake.  “Why is it important?” you may ask. Vitamin C is a crucial part of skin decent functioning as a delicate  molecular weight antioxidant and collagen synthesis element. Vitamin C is essentially important for photoprotection and for fast and proper healing of the wounds. Well-groomed and full of life skin is a perfect evidence of non-coming-soon-aging.

Gratitude from your teeth

Miracle worker this vitamin C is. Your gums fell for it and every time they do not get to meet, they get red, swollen and are likely to bleed while brushing. You definitely do not want that.

Gratitude from the eyes

Tangerines can also boast of having some decent deposit of vitamin A. Partnering together with vitamin C it can prevent you from vision lose and cataracts. It is important to mention that you are expected to eat this herofruit fresh, not processed or backed in order to benefit immensely from it.

Gratitude from your skeleton and muscles

Oooh…one more star on the stage: big boy Potassium. Featuring with vitamin C it impacts the bone strength and density. This results in much lesser number of fractions. Well, we know that the banana is the king of potassium yet the tangerines possess enough of this nutrient to promote recovery and growth of your muscles.

Gratitude from your hair

Let me level with you both men and women are obsessed with their hair situation. What is one of the most favorite nutrient for our mane? Yep… right you are…this is IRON. It’s well- acknowledged fact that iron is better absorbed when pairing up with vitamin C. Therefore consuming  tangerines along  with nuts, seeds, leafy greens or dark chocolate you ensure your organism of having high level of Iron absorbing. Do that and have Rapunzel be jealous with you. Go on and discover that tangerines contain B12 vitamin. Although  our skin loves it too, our hair if could would sing praises every time this B12 buddy is consumed, no wonder here, because  it triggers hair growth, makes it stronger and “ obedient”, sets back graying activity.

Gratitude from diabetes prevention

Tangerines are proved to have nobiletin. This flavonoid is powerful protective tool against type 2 diabetes and preventive measure against fat piling up in your organism. Its function is to kick your body into burning of  fat and destructing its  storage. But be careful with amount consumed. Tangerines contain a lot of sugar which is forbidden.

Gratitude from your heart

Already known nobiletin is a great enemy of atherosclerosis. Not less known potassium is a preventive tool from heart attacks.

Gratitude from your slim self

Eat and lose weight!...Tempting, isn’t it? Fiber present in tangerines is possible to suppress neverdying hunger. The vitamins in tangerines lower cortisol hormone which triggers body to “collect” fat during the most stressful moments of your life.

Gratitude from your immune system

Almighty vitamin C has its business here too. It means that cold doesn’t have a chance here.

Gratitude from Red Blood Cells

20 mg of folate, folic acid plus B9 vitamin, is of course not the recommended daily dose but still beneficial for tissue growth and DNA proper functioning.

Gratitude from your mood

If that all mentioned above is not quite enough  for you than probably tangerines ability to influence your mood will come in handy. The smell can compromise  your stress, worriedness, and even bring peace to you when you are pretty pissed off. Eat and “happynize”.

Some contraindications

Eating such super-rich –in-benefits –fruit also should be moderated. Otherwise you might find yourself dealing with some issues. If you suffer from:

  • gastric and duodenal ulcers;
  • gastritis with hyper acidity
  • inflammation of the intestinal tract;
  • cholecystitis;
  • hepatitis;
  • allergies to citrus;
  • nephritis;

you might want to cut down on tangerines consuming or even refrain from doing that in general. For more information you must consult your doctor.

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