Hectic –big-city life survival tips

Hectic –big-city life survival tips

It’s in the kindergarten where we become really determined to grow up and ditch all this perfectly trimmed regime imposed on us. Yeah…sure it was unbelievably unbearable to eat at the same time, to walk outside, to do some physical activities and…the devil incarnate … to do hideous napping time.

Afterwards we grow up and achieve our so desired grown-up life. That’s exactly where we start dreaming back to those times when we were offered a served table with proper ( mostly) food on time and those naps…we would you some now for sure.

Growing up, leaving home and moving to some place where you are offered gazillion of  opportunities to create a prosperous, thriving life. The place where you are somehow promised to find yourself, to see your purpose and make everything happen according to your big plan. Mostly, this place is any big city , megapolis .

But life in the big city requires special rules to follow, otherwise you might not get the chance to enroot yourself there. The major rule to survive and succeed is to never stop. You must definitely always be on the move. Rushing, running, jumping, catching, hurrying…and, boy, you do not want to stop in the middle of it …

So in order not to get crushed by the never—stopping “dream achievers” you have to adapt to the mode.

Therefore while trying to achieve the “amorphous YOU” perfectly aligned with the mental picture you  have try not to harm and loose “real YOU” . I’m not battling the idea of growing, of accomplishing desired dreams, plans, things. I am one of those in the constantly rushing category. What I’m saying is that in the process of doing and achieving “BIG” we sometimes forget to listen to ourselves, to hear what our body tries to communicate to us. Eventually when we skip on that communication we end up making appointments with our doctors, spending “BIG” on things that could be prevented had we some more time for “precious us”.

Here are some tips that you might benefit from while building thriving life in a huge megapolis.

First of all you might ask yourself a question : “ Do I really want all that noise, cars, crowds and neverending “earning life” quest?” If the answer is totally affirmative then let’s move on and find out how to make ourselves comfortable with the life choice we made. I may not be discovering America here. This  means the things are about to be read are not that new but they still have potential to maintain you sane and strong.

Keep your water deposit on the appropriate level. Well, here the thing is clear every organism is unique and individual and engaged into different physical activities. This means every single person has his/her own water needs. If do not suffer from any disease and you do not have any contraindications, then you are more than welcome to consume at least 1 – 1.5 liters of fresh, CLEAN, high quality water. Spice it up with some lemon and mint and have your water intake to be less boring. I capitalized clean because it’s essential description of the water you drink to keep you through the day. Google how to obtain clean water and you will be mesmerized by the amount of options that can provide you with that. Choose the most suitable one and keep up with the good work. Your skin, your mood, your brain and your digestion will be so grateful.

You might reconsider your eating preferences. I know, having a hectic schedule does not really engage you into spending free time at your kitchen. As well as you might not find yourself  spending hours choosing the product with further reading  of every single ingredient. Do not give up! Do not pity yourself. Do not excuse your eating mess with the fact that you do not have time. Go for healthier choices. Listen to your body and know its needs . There are always healthy options even if you have to eat in the public transport ( just do not forget to chew appropriately). We are very  well-equipped with all the nutrition information, so it’s easy to slant toward the whole bread sandwich instead of hot dog. Ask and you shall be … served. My point is that junk food, sugary food, trans-fatty food are empowered to drain your energy and to digest this food you will waste great deal of your energetic savings. It can result in your body exhaustion ,because well you have to deal with some other chores other than digesting “food”.

Multivitamins to the rescue. There is a great variety of all the possible supplements to add to your daily nutrition. Spare some time and do some research upon the given topic. Consult the adepts and choose the ones that you can feel safe with. High quality complex of vitamins and minerals is necessary to fuel you with your pace of life. Properly chosen food will of course provide you with essential nutrients. However the ecology, the amount of people constantly sneezing and coughing around you, stressful week at work…or maybe year can easily undermine your immune system. Just please be positive and open to their help. The attitude : “It’s just marketing” and “money down the drain” will never let your body embrace the benefits of the product you choose.

I touched bases about thinking already. Positive attitude towards stuff going around might get you through whatever ruins your harmonious balance. Of course you must experience all the emotions. Just let them go through you, acknowledge that you have them. Deal with the root cause for their existence and rapidly interpret them from the positive perspective. Do not let the negativity eat you away. You cherish your energy more than just to spend it on anger ,irritation, revenge, self-pity or complaining. Give yourself a right to feel that but learn to immediately convert them into the flow which your mood, health and productivity will benefit from.

Simplicity wins! Exactly what can help you to survive the speed of the world around you. Simpler food, simpler clothing, simpler make up ( I do not imply here that we must give up on the way we look and represent the scarecrow in all it’s glory), simpler everything. Be neat, wear comfortable stuff, nourish your body with simple but yet various healthy food and do not forget TO ACTUALLY LIVE, NOTICE THINGS AROUND. You are already deprived of a lot of time to do that do not waste it on stressing out over some things  that  seem to be  much more complicated than they actually are.  

Banish worriedness, anxiety and fear. I know we have so much responsibilities and we are so scared not to live up to the standards we set for  ourselves. We worry on the daily basis. We plan to have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C….Plan Z. Oh boy, the hell breaks loose if we do not come up with that Plan Z. Constant control and monitoring of our own life, our family members’ life … hopefully we will stop here and do not continue the list. Sure thing  we are grown ups, we live “Big life” and we do have to deal with some emotional overload. But as grown ups we are also responsible for not letting these emotions to poison our living. Let go….and I already felt like you started laughing at this one. Believe me it has sense. I would refer you to the book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dale Carnegie. The book does have some great insights on how to deal with the issue.

Sport yourself. So many men so many…kinds of sport. The best thing to take care of your health both physical and emotional. You may wonder,” I start my work at 7 a.m and finish at 8 p.m..and yeah, I’m not the gym instructor or yoga guru. What are my further moves upon that ?” Well make a weekend active and  arrange your schedule the way your body can get at least 15 minute every morning to start your heart and metabolism. Also whenever you can walk do it. Have a chance to ride a bike to work do it. Have a chance to swim to work do it. Have a chance to do some yoga thing on the train do it. What I’m saying here is that where there is a will…there is always a spot for sport.

Complete silence. Have at least 15 minutes a day to yourself. No chatting, no listening to anything, no social media and preferably no light. Have a seat or lie or stand and concentrate on the moment there is. Listen to yourself maybe you can get some message from your body, or can come up with the great idea for your project, or idea of  quick and healthy idea can pop up, basically anything of such kind. It’s the time wich  you spend with yourself free from any intrusion and interruption. You may try to meditate and I would say go for it!

Sleep your harsh day away. If this is not one of the most essential components  to your hectic-life survival guide, than I do not know what. In general sleep is considered to be a vital process that restore your whole self. But after the day full of communication, crowds, traffic, buzzing etc. we do need to have a decent rest at night. Crucial  things  you do for your decent sleeping time are a  freshly-aired room, the stomach that got light dinner 3 hours before sleep and the bed free from gadgets. You also might not want to watch  a thriller, to read news or have a major practice before your marathon participation.

Hobby, dear, hobby. You must have something that make your soul giggle and enjoy. I’m ecstatically happy if your job is already your passion and you have your soul giggling all the time. Those who work only because they are paid whopping bucks and fringe benefits are way to go might not always be utterly fulfilled on some spiritual level. In this case you must find something to distract yourself from daily working train. Treat yourself with the activity that brings the best in you and for you. And who knows, it may have a potential to grow into something bigger than just some after work distraction.

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