90 Days Program

90 Days Program

Health is above all... above all wealth. We do know it. Or at least theoretically we do. However, when it comes to applying this truth to our daily practice, the gist gets to be lost. The reality is that we place much more different things above the health. Please, do not be hard on yourself for this. It will just add more stress. And we definitely do not want to aggravate the situation. Life circumstances are not always willing to let us do as we know it to be right. Here we skip breakfast, limiting it just to a cup of coffee, there we postpone a doctoral appointment. Because, why not: we pretty much still function, not at our best, but enough to close the deal, and then...get down to settling a new one. Things get to be repeated and form a daily routine, missing on healthy stuff much.

Results of such behavior we observe nowadays are sleep deprivation, lack of decent rest, poor digestion, disordered eating, exhaustion, depression etc. In most cases ( since in some other cases they do signal about certain health problems and require a medical check-up) these are not diagnoses . These are the results of the choices we make. So, it is in the vicinity of our powers to reverse it and gain our health back. Begin with reconsidering your daily regime and diet. Even with a 200% level of being busy it is still possible. Just start to prioritize things right. Also it is OK to consider some proven in its quality and effect assistance.

90 Days Program

Have a look at the 90 Days Program. This is a perfectly thought through combo of high quality products from Coral Club. It is oriented on helping you with cleansing on the cellular level, intestines cleansing and replenishment of nutrients. The program takes 90 days for gradual and stressless changes for the body. Our organism is sensitive and might consider rapid changes, even if they are good ones, to be enemies and might start resisting it. Any adjustments should be introduced to it cautiously and step by step for the most optimal, safe and high-quality result. Your body will trust it and reciprocate your dearest intentions to help.

Three stages 90 Days Program

Stage 1. Recovery of the internal environment ( saliva, lymph, blood, intracellular and extracellular fluid)

At this stage you are supposed to do a spring cleaning in your organism. Unfortunately with all the toxic impact that our body undergoes it doesn’t have enough tools to fight it off and neutralize its harmful consequences. Therefore, some supplements are highly recommended.

  1. Alkaline minerals for pH balance normalization
  2. Antioxidants to prevent cells from oxidation
  3. Natural enzymes for better digestion
  4. Phospholipids that ensure cell membranes protection against toxic harm.

Coral Detox is the product for the first stage of the program.It consists of:

  • Coral Mine - natural mineral composition based on deep-water corals.
  • H-500 - antioxidant that prevents the destructive potential of free radicals.
  • Assimilator - effectively breaks down proteins, carbs and fats.
  • Coral Lecithin - enables cell membranes protection.

Key actions required:

  • Get rid of all the “junk” in your meals. (Diet recommendations are available in the program description. Menu ideas might be sent on the request)
  • Mind water drinking regime.

Stage 2. Intestines cleanse.

Intestines do play a crucial part in our overall well-being. It is responsible for nutrients absorption and immunity enhancement. Therefore it is quite useful to help it cleanse via the means of natural products. This way it will more efficiently get rid of toxins, parasites, and unnecessary mucus.

Go Detox (Colo Vada Plus) is in charge of this stage. It consists of:

  • Cascara Sagrada, Alfalfa, Black Walnut leaves, Herbal Composition #2, Vitamin C, Ultimate, Digestible
  • Go Detox powder ( Kaolin powder, Citrus rind powder, Psyllium husk powder,Lecithin Powder, Prune Powder)
  • Superflora

Go Detox is one of the top products of the Coral Club company. It is well-known among users and proven to be very effective in its mild, natural, cleansing functions.

Stage 3. Cellular nutrition

At this stage we have our body prepared for the providing cells with the nutrients required for their most optimal functioning and its recovery after long term abuse with toxins and junk, imbalanced food.

Nutripack is a product for the stage 3. It consists of:

Nutripack will enrich your diet and let the cells get all the nutrients they need and in the amount they require.


We can advocate for our health and take responsibility for how we feel and what we do to feel even better. The 90 Days Program is there for you to assist your moves towards better health. Of course, it is not the only thing to rely on. You should get enough sleep, avoid overworking, and always, always check for the things that will get to your stomach.

N.B. Please, be mindful and make sure you have no health conditions that might turn these products into your foes, rather than friends. Get the medical recommendation from your health care provider to know that it is completely safe for you to consume these products. So many men, so many individual needs!

Be healthy!

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